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Winterizing your Mobile Home

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"Winterizing your Mobile Home"
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One of the things you need to do to take care of your mobile home is to winterize your mobile home. Winterizing your mobile home not only protects your investment from the cold, but winterizing your mobile home will keep you warm. Winterizing your mobile home will save you money on your electric bill and on repair costs.

Living in a mobile home is different than living in a house. There is more maintenance with a mobile home than with a house. There are a lot more precautions that you should take when you own a mobile home including winterizing your mobile home. The benefit of a mobile home is you get a really nice place to live for less than what a house costs, especially if you take care of it. Here are a few things to do to winterize your mobile home.

Insulating water pipes is usually one of the first winterizing projects you will need to do. Insulating water pipes helps keep the water warm as it travels your pipes and also helps to keep your pipes from freezing. It's important to make sure your pipes do not freeze. If the pipe freezes, then it could bust. Replacing pipes can get expensive.

While you are insulating your pipes, you may want to see how much insulation is in your home. Adding insulation to the crawl space or even to the attic will help your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation will help you save on your electric costs as well.

Another great way to winterize your home is to look for air leaks. These will probably be easy to find when it is cold or the wind is blowing. Usually weather gets in around windows, doors, and any corner where two pieces of building materials meet. You will want to find the leaks before they present themselves in the cold. Using caulking around seams or cracks will seal them so leaks do not get in.

As mobile homes age or even as they get warm and cold, the materials shrink and stretch. An area that is always a concern, whether it is a mobile home or a house, is around the windows.

Windows seem to leak the most air in. Sometimes you can seal around a window and reduce the amount of air leaks or you can add weather stripping to the top and bottom of the window. If this does not help, you may want to put plastic over your window to seal the area that is leaking. If you are concerned with the way the plastic looks on the outside, put the plastic on the inside of your house and use a curtain to cover it.

Doorways are also a culprit of leaks. Adding weather stripping to doors may help keep the cold air out. You can also buy doorstops that will stop the air from coming through the doorways. Doorways are hard to weatherproof 100%, because of the opening and closing factor. If it is a door that doesn't need to be opened, you may want to seal it with plastic. Putting a curtain across a doorway may help as well.

Since heat rises, you may want to reverse your ceiling fan and see if that will keep the warm air inside the house for a little longer. Most ceiling fans have to directions and you may be able to save on your heating bills with ceiling fans.

It's important to winterize your home so you stay warm and your home stays free of repairs. With a little upkeep, you can save thousands on costly home repairs. Winterizing your mobile home is part of that upkeep.

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