Wicker Furniture Changing old into new and useful

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"Wicker Furniture Changing old into new and useful"
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Recycling furniture , is an extremely useful skill. Most of us are looking for ways to update our homes as cheaply as possible. Breathing new life in to dilapidated wicker furniture is a good way of doing this . It only takes a little skill, to reinvigorate  a chair, table or even laundry basket. Also mending or updating is very green, so you can feel proud of your ethical efforts, as well as your thriftiness.

1. The first most obvious process is painting. A lick or spray of paint , can be an instant refresher and takes very little skill. If your piece of furniture is structurally sound, all it takes for an quick make over is a pot of gloss or interiors spray paint. You may want to leave it at that .

 However, another technique to use is distressing , which can be achieved through using gold or bronze paint on top of a dried, base coat of paint .Using a sponge can be the most effective way of achieving a distressed look. Just cover the sponge in paint, remove any excess and dab gently on to the areas you wish to cover. I would advise building up the colour gradually as it is easier to build up colour than it is to remove .

2 Make quirky cushions. If you are renovating a chair it's easy to make a cushion for the seat. Using tracing paper and a pencil, trace the shape of the seat and then cut out.

Use your pattern to cut a cushion from foam. Many hard wear shops sell foam , it is a great tool for home crafting. When cut in to the desired shape, pick a fabric you like and use your tracing paper pattern again cutting two pieces,whilst remembering to leave a gap all the way around the outside for sewing.

 Sew together the two pieces, remembering to place the pieces pattern side together and leaving a gap unsewn.Once you have sewn the pieces together, turn the cushion inside out. Your seams will be invisible and the pattern will be on the outside. Finally, stuff the foam in to the cushion through the gap left in the seam and sew together carefully. One home made cushion .

3 Decoupage and Pictures. If you have a rather tired wicker linen basket with a glass top, place a picture underneath. Once the glass top has been removed (most slide out fairly easily), you can use a favourite photograph that has been enlarged and photocopied.

Wall paper can also look really good, as there are some beautiful designs these days.Dependant on the size of your basket, you may be able to use a sample piece, even more thrifty. You could even make a collage or decoupage to place underneath. The sky 's the limit.To find a useful online guide for learning the art of decoupage , look at and look for the subsection on, how to decoupage.

So there are three very simple and cheap ways to update old wicker furniture. Happy renovating.

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