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What is the best way to get the Ice off of my Driveway

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"What is the best way to get the Ice off of my Driveway"
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I'm a Michiganian through and through. I know that ice removal is very important through the winter months. I recommend that you shovel your driveway right away each morning. You can also have a neighbor or someone with a plow come do it in two minutes for the price of about $10. Or you, could shovel it by hand if you can stand about twenty to sixty minutes outdoors breaking your back. It’s a pain, I know, but that is the first step to getting that terrible ice off of your driveway. An additional note on plowing: Come spring you might come to find that the person was inexperienced with the plow. You’ll know if the grass next to your driveway is shaved completely off, and you’ll probably end up having to put more seed down.

When you shovel your driveway by hand you can choose to use a completely plastic shovel, or you can buy shovels that come with a little metal trim on the bottom. I suggest using the one with the metal trim so that if you tap the shovel down on the ice it can help you crack the ice right off so that you can shovel it away more easily.

The next step to removing the ice is the melting it and preventing it from coming back. You can buy a bag of rock salt from the local Lowes or Home Depot. You can also get a scoop to scoop it out of the bag and toss it around on your driveway because you don’t really want to get it on your hands. But that is a little time consuming as well. If you want something a little quicker you can buy a salt spreader machine, but the cost is high.

It is much quicker to buy a cheap seed spreader and then push that around on the driveway. The salt will fall out through the bottom and make the process a whole lot quicker. Putting the salt down also prevents more falling snow and rain from landing and turning into ice. It is also a good idea to put some salt down on your stoop or porch to prevent slipping in the morning when you’re leaving for work.

Lastly, if you wish to complete an extra step, you can buy a bag of sand from the store and spread that around on your driveway. The sand creates more traction for your shoes and your vehicle. In the spring you can just sweep any leftover sand away or into a dust pan. Some people say that the salt treatment on your driveway will kill your lawn and your flower beds. I never really had a problem with that at all. I don’t think that salt really hurts anything, but even if it did it is well worth it. For the safety of yourself, neighbors, family, and friends it is well worth the time and money to keep it slip free out there in the harsh conditions of winter.  

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