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Weatherizing Sun Rooms and Screened in Porches

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"Weatherizing Sun Rooms and Screened in Porches"
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If you're a person who has a screened-in porch or sun-room, you're more than likely looking for an economical way to winterize it for the winter months. It's one thing to enjoy these breezy or sunny rooms in the Summer, but in Winter when those cold north winds blow you want these rooms to be nice and toasty. Otherwise you'll be chilling the interior of your house and raising the electric or gas prices.

The first thing for consideration is to make sure your sun-room or screened-in porch is well insulated where it can be. This is one less step you'll need to take when cooler months set in. It will also cut out some of the expense of weather proofing your home in Winter.

Another option you might consider is to add double-paned windows if your sun-room is set up to hold windows. You can have them designed to be removed or added according to the season you are going into. This might be a bit pricey in the beginning, but what you save in heating, in the long run, will be worth the cost.

When it comes to screened-in porches, there's many ways you can approach winterizing it. You can either add sheets of heavy duty plastic to the exposed areas, sealing them off for the winter, or you can make or have made customized shutters to fit your screened-in area.

If you decide on the heavy duty sheet plastic, there are clear types which would allow for light to shine through. You can add the sheet plastic to the inside of the porch or the outside, even both areas if you want it doubly protected. Putting up a layer of heavy duty insulated curtains on the inside of the porch will be another barrier of protection.

Customized shutters can be designed to fit the outside of the windows snugly. When being designed, suggest they add some sort of insulation to the backside of the shutters to prevent air from entering the slatted openings. If you like the idea of shutters as an option, have them made to be removable in the Summer months. They could be easily stored in your garage or utility room during the Summer months.

If you don't want to mess with plastic or shutters, tarping is another option. You can have designed or make it your self, a sort of blind which rolls down over the opened areas blocking the wind from blowing in, but you'll be able to roll it up when the weather is warm enough to have the porch opened and exposed.

Once the opened and exposed areas are taken care of, consider using some sort of heating element in there areas. A potbellied stove is a consideration, as well as movable electric heating. You might even have installed a small gas stove to stave off the bitter winds of Winter's breeze.

Don't forget to winterize the door leading out of the screened porch or sun-room to the outside. Also be sure you winterize the inside door leading into the house off of the sun-room or screened-in porch. Added measures to keep your home from experiencing rising cost for heating.

Yes, cold weather is upon us, soon it'll be like a deep freeze outside. Wrap those porches up for the Winter so you can still enjoy these areas. Drape, heat and insulate and you'll be sitting warm and snug during Jack Frost's visit.


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