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Uncommon uses for Eggshells

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"Uncommon uses for Eggshells"
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Some uncommon uses for egg shells. Don't throw away those egg shells after you've enjoyed your breakfast! They have a multitude of uses still left in them.

Cleaning Drains

You don't have to use expensive, harsh, toxic chemicals to clean your drains
anymore. Egg shells are excellent for this job, without any harshness to your
hands, sink or drains. Just crush the shells as fine as you can and let them sit
in the sink drain basket. Each time the water runs, the egg shells will make their way through to your drain pipes. Egg shells act as a safe abrasive and will help to get rid of any grease or hair buildup, or whatever other unidentified refuse you've had accumulating. Be sure to save all your egg shells, enough to do all the drains in your home. You'll find that your pipes will be cleared and always flowing smoothly.


Crushed egg shells are excellent for the garden. Scatter them among your flower beds and/or vegetable gardens to keep cats from doing their business there. The shells are similar to crushed glass and irritates their delicate paw pads. This will deter them from entering and ruining your beautiful plants and vegetables.

They also help to deter slugs if you have a problem with those. Being organic,
the egg shells won't harm your garden areas in the least.

Tea Stains

Put crushed egg shells into a dampened tea pot or thermos (especially a stainless steel thermos) that has been stained with tea. After letting them sit overnight, add a little water and swish around and empty into the sink (as not to waste them, they'll help the drain pipes). Rinse the tea pot or thermos and you will immediately notice how the tea stains have been instantly removed. Excellent for this job, as the shells won't leave an after taste or any lingering chemicals in your next pot of tea like bleaching might.

Planting Seedlings 

Eggs shells make excellent starter containers for seedlings. You can even set them in the cartons they first came in, providing your cartons are made from recycled paper. This provides an easy way to set your seedlings on a window sill so they can absorb the sunlight. The eggs shells are the perfect size, and being that they consist of calcium carbonate, they assist the new seedlings in absorbing nutrients from the soil. Once your plants are sturdy enough to transplant into the garden, they are easily removed by just cracking the shells. You can do that right in your garden area and allow the egg shells to remain where they are.

Egg Art 

If you happen to be artistic, you can make beautiful carvings from the egg shells. As you would with Easter eggs, poke tiny holes in the top and bottom, and allow the insides to drain out. When the egg is dry, you can begin your carving. There are many excellent sites on the internet (as I'm not able to post a photo here as an example) that can give you ideas for patterns as well as directions and tools you'll need.

Other fanciful egg art includes Ukrainian Pysanka eggs, where a multitude of dyes are used to color and beautify the eggs. You can also decorate them using something as simple as decoupage. They make wonderful, yet quick and easy gift ideas.

So, never toss out those egg shells. They're not garbage, but can be very useful around the house and yard. They also help to save you money by replacing many expensive, toxic chemical products you might have normally used otherwise. Get crackin!

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