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 Tomatoes are not the most punctual of produce. They go about growing paying no mind to Mother Nature and her, “harvest season is now” sign. The tardy result is green tomatoes. While some variety of tomatoes are actually green in color even when ripe, cherry tomatoes are not. The term green tomato then refers to one of those procrastinating fruits that just didn’t make it to red. As a gardener however,  there is no need to eat tiny fried green tomatoes for months or add to the compost pile. Green cherry tomatoes can be ripened indoors.

What makes a cherry tomato end up green?

Once a tomato turns green it begins to emit a gas which you can’t smell or see that prompts it to ripen almost like the hormones found in the human body.  Certain conditions can stop or slow a tomato from producing or absorbing these gases hence leaving it green. Some of these conditions include temperatures below 50 degrees F, wind, and insufficient light. Cherry tomatoes do ripen more quickly than other tomato varieties, if yours are slow to the game it could be one of these factors. For instance a tomato that is on the colder side but not below 50 degrees F will ripen, but far slower than a tomato kept in ideal conditions.

How you can ripen cherry tomatoes on your own?

Remove any unripened tomatoes and place them in a sealed container. Since cherry tomatoes are so small a zip lock bag of ample size works wonderfully. Place the bag in a cool but not cold location. (The fridge for example is too cold.) As the tomatoes sit they will continue to release the before mentioned gases, the bag will trap those gases and the tomatoes will slowly ripen.

Tips to ripen cherry tomatoes off the vine:

-Leave your tomatoes on the vine until they are not longer extremely firm. The firmness indicates a very young tomato which may not release nearly as much gas which could result in molding before ripening.

-You can place an apple in with your tomatoes to hasten the ripening process. Apples release the same ripening chemical as tomatoes.

Alternatively, as many gardeners feel vine ripened tomatoes taste sweeter, you can dig up the plant entirely and bring it indoors to give it the time it needs to finish ripening its crop.


Why tomatoes end up green?


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