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Tips for Preventing Mailbox Vandalism

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"Tips for Preventing Mailbox Vandalism"
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If you live in a community where young people joyride through the streets playing mailbox baseball, you have probably wasted quite a bit of money buying new mailboxes. Instead of replacing, teach the vandals a lesson and create a mailbox baseball proof mailbox. Protecting your property is inexpensive and quite easy.

What Is Mailbox Baseball?

Mailbox baseball is a game in which destructive teens get in a car and drive around knocking mailboxes off their posts and smashing them with a baseball bat. Some do not use a bat, but instead toss small explosives or fireworks into the mailbox to make it explode or become damaged. Of course, every time this happens, you are forced to spend more money buying a new mailbox and sometimes a new post as well.

How to Build a Safe Mailbox

Begin making your mailbox baseball proof mailbox with a regular plastic mailbox from the hardware store. Also purchase a large sized mailbox designed to hold newspapers and packages. You will also need a stout post and a bag of cement.

Begin by removing the door from the smaller mailbox. You can throw this door away as you will not need it for the finished project. Slip this inside the larger mailbox while it is standing on end. Make sure the door of the large mailbox can close tightly over it. If your mailbox has bolts to attach it to the mailbox post, fit these into the holes in the bottom of the large mailbox.

Then, follow the directions on the bag of cement to mix up a small batch. Keeping the small mailbox straight in the center of the large one, pour in the cement so it fills the cavity between the mailboxes. Allow this to dry thoroughly.

After the cement is dry, it is time to mount your heavy mailbox on the stout post. A four-by-four wooden post works, although a metal on will last longer and is more difficult to destroy. Plant the post deep in the ground, using cement if you wish. Some mailbox posts are now made with a large metal spike that is meant to stick into the ground. This works well if you have very dense soil.

Building a cement-filled mailbox will help stop mailbox baseball attacks. Not only will your mailbox remain undamaged, the disrespectful vandals who participate in this game may think twice about trying it again.


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