Tips for Building a Rustic Log Cabin

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"Tips for Building a Rustic Log Cabin"
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Building a rustic log cabin for a home or for an outbuilding in the garden is just as important as building a standard home. Building a log cabin will take patience and determination.

Log cabins are strong and are a cozy place to live. The thoughts on building a log cabin can be unique, if using you own innovative ideas by incorporating both rustic appeal and comfort.

Anything from finding a Cyprus tree trunk, you wish to incorporate into the staircase of the home, to the Cyprus knees you sawed off for lamp bases for your living room or bedroom can be part of the jot of cabin home construction.

The incorporation of ideas and mindset will reflect how rustic you wish your cabin to be. The more exposed wood you leave inside your cabin, the more rustic the appearance will be.

Antiques and hard wood furniture add rustic appeal to the living areas of the cabin. The good thing about building with logs is the strength of the supports. Open floor plans evolve from the use of strong timbers and supports.

Exposed ceiling joist and hanging light fixtures add warmth and space. There are many models you can choose from, that give you many different views of lay-out and structuring.

Their are also Log cabin blue print books you can use to get ideas and cost estimations to building a rustic log cabin. Staying to the theme of rustic will not be hard to do. For Log cabins, natural woods such as Oak, Cyprus, Cedar are suitable for inside closets, popular for mantels over fireplaces and even the use of yellow pine add to the rustic look your cabin will have.

The Kitchen can be done with oak cabinets or cherry,with granite or slate slabs for counter top surfaces. You can even match the counter top slate with floor coverings as well, adding warmth and charm to your rustic look.

Shopping around at local retailers for the best buys for counter tops and floor coverings should be done at retailers that specialize in these products. They often have the items of choice on site or they can find exactly what you need.

Many Log cabin makers have different opinions on the best way to construct a log cabin. Choose the one that sees your ideas on rustic allure and make sure their views correlate with how you see it. Do not let anyone buffalo you in to thinking their way is best.

The bathrooms can be done in old country style and still have the modern amenities that you crave. You can find antique tubs and sinks at low cost at demolition and whole sales places, that save the priceless treasures. When demolition teams tear down a existing older home. You can inquire over the phone and bargain at the best prices.

If you like stained glass to add appeal to your rustic cabin, it will "add" not "take away" from what you are trying to achieve. Many old fashioned log cabins incorporate stained glass to help in cooling and still let some sun in. It also adds beauty and style to the rustic appearance.

Unfinished surfaces like handrails for stairs and trim add to the stand out feature of these types of homes. Hardwood floors with rope rugs and wrought iron fasteners for cabinet doors and exterior doors help to add depth and texture and make the log cabin stand out.

The more your cabin takes on your attitude of the rustic look, the better you will like it and what it presents back to you. If it gives you the feeling of kicking your shoes off and putting your feet on the couch, you have done your job.

A cabin was made in the first place to be warm and charming. The rustic appearance comes from living with in. The longer you live in a log cabin, the more personality it draws from inside you. Apply those thoughts of reason when building a rustic log cabin.

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