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The Safest Places to Live in California

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"The Safest Places to Live in California"
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I think that my town of Campbell California is not only one of the safest places to live but is one of the nicest places in California.  Every summer we have concerts in the park, actually on the Green, that are always fun and a great get away once a week that I can take the kids to. During the summer we have free movies downtown, sort of like a drive in but the movie is shown on the side of a building and the parking lot becomes the seating arena, we bring our chairs and blankets and watch old movies with our neighbors. We have several street fairs throughout the year.

We are also a city of parks, we have more parks per captia than any other city in California. We are a bike friendly and a walker friendly town. We have a beautiful town track and field center. Our Heritage theater attracts many big name artists. We have wonderful shopping downtown, all in walking distance. We are also blessed being only minutes from Santa Cruz, both the mountains and the beach. We are minutes to San Jose and the Sharks.

Campbell boasts a great school system. Campbell has a good diversity and that old time neighborhood feel. You can safely walk the streets at night with no fear. We still have little league, scouts, and walking to school is more the norm. Mothers still walk their children after dinner and have coffee at the cornor cafe and walking them to school. We shop at exclusive book stores, stores that specialize in olive oil, and the Dollar store. We have fanily friendly businesses and it is not unusual to see someone at mass with a cup of starbucks in their hands, no one said we were a prompt town, just friendly and safe.

Our children feel safe walking to and from school. We can take our dogs downtown and tie them to the post while we have lunch at one of our many downtown cafes. At one time we had a very famous resident, Sylvia Browne. She still comes back a few times a year. Overall, Campbell is a happy and healthy place to live. We are shaded by trees, have a vast expanse of parks, and are close to many major freeways. There is good repore between the police and the residents, and the city council is representative of the population in general. All are welcome.

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