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The most Affordable Places to Live in Oklahoma

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"The most Affordable Places to Live in Oklahoma"
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The Most Affordable places to live in Oklahoma

Oklahoma! What a beautiful place! Oklahoma! As an experienced person who has lived in the beautiful and majestic Oklahoma, I just want you to know that Oklahoma is the most affordable and economical place that I have ever known to this day. There are many places including the smaller cities in Oklahoma that are very affordable to live and they are as follows:

Brokenbow, Oklahoma:1-2 bedroom apartments run as much as $200 dollars per month with water sewer and garbage paid, houses for 1-3 bedrooms run as much as $200-400 per month with the same utilities paid, you can find many rentals posted at your local Piggly-Wiggly stores or in the Brokenbow Gazzette newspaper, which also has a variety of rentals in nearby towns for if not the same amount, a little bit less per month!

Idabel, Oklahoma, is a beautiful small city with many conveniences, good job market and living close to town, The neighborhoods there are very quiet and nice! Rents are as follows: $300 dollars per month for 1-3 bedroom houses with all utilities paid except for gas heat or propane, and 1-3 bedroom apartments starting at $150-$350 per month including city utilities.  You can look in Idabel's local newspaper called the Idabel Daily to find many rentals that are available also.

Oklahoma even has rental offices that you can call and find out what towns have to offer, at what rates in rent, and also, what the the employment community's have to offer you. There's also a free magazine called the Oklahoma living magazine that you can find many rental, lease properties and a buyer's guide to living in Oklahoma. Many of the local real estate offices will have rental properties and housing opportunity's to offer you also.

Oklahoma has many affordable towns that offer a wide variety of affordable rentals, and also if your looking to purchase your own home, a home listed in the real estate companies are the best to check out there.  You can find many possibilities and opportunities on land home packages to farms, or a nice quaint little home in the country, even a nice home in middle of the city! Whatever your needs are, they will work with you personnely at getting the best deal and homewhere you wantto live.

Oklahoma has the nicest people, and they are there to help you in any way they can. The communities there are the best! You may also want to check these other towns out also, they are as follows: Frogtown, Rufe, Raymond, Bethel, Spiro and Poteau. These in my opinion remind me of a Norman Rockwell painting, and they are all more than affordable to live in. If you like beautiful country settings, beautiful city lights, or even picturesque mountain getaways, Oklahoma is your state to live in.

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