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The most Affordable Places to Live in Florida

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"The most Affordable Places to Live in Florida"
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The most affordable places to live in Florida are going to be found mostly in the panhandle and North Central.  Fifteen of the eighteen Florida counties that make up the panhandle have low property tax values and low cost of living prices compared to the rest of Florida.

The average income for the state of Florida, according to is $44,700. The average rent for an apartment is $802 a month and the average single family home price is $182,400.  In the sixteen most affordable counties to live in, the cost of rent if $450 or less and the income range between $30,000 and $40,000 a year.

Eight of the sixteen most affordable counties to live in Florida are located in the panhandle the other eight are located in the north central part of Florida. The average cost of rent in these eight counties in the panhandle is approximately $400 a month.  Granted the average incomes are less to but the income in compared to rest of the state but are okay when compared with the cost of living in the area.  The other eight of the most affordable counties are found in North Central Florida and the rent there is also around $400 a month.

These areas are also less populated then the more expensive counties to live in with small cities and very little coastal property, if any.  Pensacola is the largest coastal city in this lower cost of living area.  Tallahassee, the capitol of Florida, is also located in the area but it is an hour or so away from the gulf coast.  Only four of the sixteen most affordable counties to live in Florida have coastal borders.  All four are on the Gulf Coast, those counties are Jefferson County, Taylor County, Franklin County, and Levy County.  

Jefferson, Taylor and Levy coastal areas are predominantly made up of swamps and account for a lot of the reason why they are not as populated as other coastal counties.  Franklin County has less swamp area and more coastal living area including the towns of Carrabella and Apalachicola.  Both towns are very small with populations of less than four thousand people combined.  These two areas both offer a lot in the way of recreation and quiet living and well as very affordable living.  

In summary, it may not be big cities or a lot of coastal living but all of the affordable areas are within short drives from large cities and gulf coast beaches.  It’s well worth living a little further from the more populated areas if you are looking to live in expensively in Florida.

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