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The Benefits of using Rabbit Manure as Fertilizer

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"The Benefits of using Rabbit Manure as Fertilizer"
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Most keen gardeners will endeavour to fertilize their soil. The benefits of growing in well fertilised soil is immense. Flowers and vegetables really benefit from an injection of good home made manure. The compost heap that sits at the bottom of the garden can be fuelled with all kinds of matter. Creating a well organised compost heap has enormous benefits for the amateur gardener.

Many gardeners may think that there are next to no benefits to be had from using rabbit manure but that could not be further from the truth. Rabbit manure is packed with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. It may be helpful to take a look at how these nutrients are beneficial to plant life – nitrogen will ensure that the vegetation reaches its full potential and phosphorus benefits the plants as they come into bloom. So the benefits are there for all to take advantage of.

Lots of families keep rabbits for pets. Rabbits live in hutches that have to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Every family benefits from keeping a pet but if you manage to get a by- product that can be recycled then so much the better. Rabbit manure doesn't smell quite as strong as cow or horse manure, so that is one of the benefits. Often the smell of manure can be really off-putting. When you clean out the rabbit hutch place all of the dry droppings into an old bucket. Those dry droppings can be used straight away. The dry rabbit droppings are packed with nutritional benefits that will enhance the growth of your rose bushes. Take a handful and place them directly into the soil beneath the roses, just tap the droppings into the surface of the soil and let them lay there. Rabbit manure is not as potent and it can be used in this way without risking plant root burn.

There will be some great benefits for your flower garden too if you choose to use some rabbit manure that has been diluted in water. Fill the watering can and place a handful of rabbit pellets into the water. Let the pellets sit in the water for 48 hours and then use the liquid manure to water with. The soil benefits from being soaked with liquid manure that is rich in nutrients.

Rabbit manure can be composted in the normal way. All manure and fertilisers have benefits. Rabbit manure that has been composted in the conventional way significantly improves the structure of the soil. The manure provides fodder for the earthworms who then travel through the soil and aerate it. Clean out your rabbit or someone else's and reap the benefits from the rich rabbit manure.

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