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An architect's salary can be very rangy. Most of the time, however, this range is based on the sole fact of experience. Architects with more experience, obviously, make a lot more money. There are also various other positions architects can hold, such as project manager or equity parter and principals, that would give them more or less money. Intern architects' salaries also range quite a bit depending on their experience as an intern architect. Architects, in general make pretty decent money.

Intern architects are people training and studying to either get their college degree in architecture or get their national and state license. It takes an intern about three to five years for an intern architect to pass every single part of his or her Architecture Registration Exam. Every year as an intern during that time frame, he or she will see his salary rise quite a bit. The average salary for a first year intern ranges from $34,543 to $39,810. A second year intern: $37,354 to $42,706. A third year intern: $41,004 to $47,003. A fourth year intern: $44,511 to $52,653. A fifth year intern: $48,138 to $58,614. As you can see the overall range for intern salaries is from $34543 to $58614. This is a large range, proving again that experience helps.

After their internship, receiving certification, and becoming employed, an architect will obviously see his or her salary rise even farther. Then, as they gain experience and skills, their salary will continue to grow. The average salary for architects with just the experience from their internship ranges from $51,709 and $64,519. For 5 more years experience after that, the average salary increases quite a good margin to a range of $62,608 to $79,919. This average climbs even higher to a range of $72,678 to $96,928 for architects with 10 years experience, not including their internship. The mean salary for licensed architects with 10 years experience is $96,928. The average age for these licensed architects range from 38 to 42. A number of larger, more successful firms pay even higher salaries to experienced non-principal architects. Some of these successful firms pay their architects between $130,500 and $220,000.

Of course the average earnings for architects will continue to rise with the times. The job outlook for architects is relatively good. The number of architects is projected to rise eighteen percent over the next ten years. One of the reasons for this massive growth of architecture jobs is because of the need for more "green" designs. Architects make good money as it is, and the future is going to just keep getting brighter.

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