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Simple Tips to Prevent Fading of Clothes Remedies for Long Life of Clothes Stop Color Fade Clothes

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"Simple Tips to Prevent Fading of Clothes Remedies for Long Life of Clothes Stop Color Fade Clothes"
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We all love bright and new clothes but after a few washings the color usually fades. Faded clothes give a worn - out look, and make you feel dull and boring. With every wash the clothes seem to turn dingy or lose their bright vibrant colors. They give an impression as if you've had them for years. But stop worrying and don't fade away along with your clothes.

You can easily prevent colors from fading over time. Here are some easy and practical laundry tips to help your colors stay bright and looking new. The tips are really very simple to practice and definitely worth your time!

1. Avoid drying in the sun - When colors fade in laundry the most important thing to keep in mind is to never dry your clothes in the sun. The heat of the sun will make your clothes fade more. Natural drying is the best way to keep your clothes vibrant and avoid drying in the sun as far as possible. One simple remedy what I practice is that I always wash my laundry in the night. By morning my clothes are completely dry and I find them in good shape and color too.

2. Always turn clothes inside out - To avoid further fading of the clothes always wash them by turning them inside out. You can easily prevent the clothes from a reasonable amount of wear and tear by doing this. Turning your garments inside out helps to maintain the exact color of the garment to some extent.

3. Stop further fading by using vinegar - Using vinegar in the wash is an excellent method to avoid further fading of clothes. Add a cup of vinegar to your washing machine and it will act as a natural fabric softener. Vinegar mainly helps to prevent colors from fading. Thinking about vinegar smell in your clothes, hey chill the vinegar smell goes away in the wash.

4. Always wash with cold water - Clothes tend to last longer and maintain their bright color in cold water as compared to a wash, in warm or hot water.

5. No over drying - Do not over dry your clothes in the dryer. Over drying easily makes the clothes fade quickly. And never leave the clothes in the dryer after washing. Clothes should be always slightly damp when pulled from the dryer.

6. Choose the right cycle - Select a gentle cycle to prevent fading unless your clothes are heavily soiled. On the other hand, hand washing is a very good option for light as well as dark clothes. Do not choose a cycle which is too long as it will only lead to damage the clothe fibers and result in fading.

7. Choose the right detergent -Buy a laundry detergent which is specifically formulated to keep the colors where they belong. Picking up the right detergent is very important for long life of clothes. Buy the detergent that neutralizes the chlorine in the washing water to help to keep the garments from fading.

Hope this tips will help you in preventing your clothes from further fading and you will be able to increase the life span of the clothes you love the most.

Practice these tips and from now on stop the fade and stick to the actual shade!

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