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Protecting your Home from Intruders

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"Protecting your Home from Intruders"
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You can spend a small fortune trying to protect your home from intruders all to no avail. If people want to break into your home they will find a way. All you can do is provide some sort of deterrent.

Some people go to extraordinary expense to deter intruders and only succeed to the point of turning their home into a virtual prison with themselves as the prisoners. I suppose there is some comfort in making your home virtually impossible to break into , but I can't see the point in spending fifty thousand dollars on security devices to protect home contents when they are only worth twenty thousand.

I will grant you that once your home has been broken into you yourself feel that your privacy has been violated but that feeling will pass in time . When you discover how the intruder gained access you can take steps to prevent further intrusions at that entry point. Bear in mind that you pay contents insurance which depending on your policy allows for replacement new items for old , the expense of deterrents should be relative to the cost of the contents you are trying to protect.

Probably the easiest way of deciding on what expense to incur in deterrents is to put yourself on the outside of your home looking in so as to speak. Look at your home as an intruder would and see where you would gain entry. Bear in mind that no matter how well you may think your home is secure a determined person will find some way of gaining entry.

Perhaps if I was to be your intruder I would look at your home from the outside with a view to gaining entry. These are the steps I would take . I am only an amateur however . You may find several steps of your own.

Firstly I would want privacy so I would look for a home that has big high fences all around the perimeter , with the front of the home obscured from the view of neighbors by several trees and bushes. I would then look for signs of security lights , outdoor alarms and dogs in the yard.

Next I would want to ensure that if I broke into your home it would be worth my while. I would do this by offering you a free pest inspection of your home. That would be a perfect cover to examine the extent of your security systems and allow me to ask friendly questions as to whether or not your system is wired back to a base twenty hour monitoring system. I could examine your windows and doors for the type of locks . In short I would be looking for anything at all that would make my job difficult. All while I was pretending to do a pest inspection I would be looking at what contents you had that were worth stealing.

Assuming you had sufficient privacy for me to break in without detection my pretend pest inspection would then provide me with a wealth of information. For instance I would discover the following;-
Your dog was so friendly I got it to lick my hands when I fed it a bit of meat.
Your so called security system consisted of a few security warning stickers and a flashing light that you told me the neighbors ignore.
Your front door and back door did have dead locks . You even kept the front door key on a hook behind the adjacent window curtain for reasons best known to you. That was handy for my wax impression.
Your windows did not have window locks.
Your windows did not have security screens.
Your security screen doors did not have triple locks and were never locked.
Your security screen doors were flimsy and could be easily bent outwards.
Your front and back doors were so flimsy they could be kicked in easily.

A lot of the information that would help me you unwittingly gave me as I walked around your home doing my pest inspection. For instance you told me:-
That your whole family is away most of the day.
That the neighbors don't bother to have a neighbor watch.
That you don't have a safe for your valuables.
That you were so impressed with my professional inspection that you were going to accept my quote and tell all the neighbors how cheap I was.

Basically all I have to do now is wait until your home is vacant and turn up with my van and a dog bone. I feed the bone to the dog.I use my cut key to enter your home and switch off your flashing light. I go out to may van and make a big display of bringing out pest control hoses etc in full view of the neighbors would will ignore me because you have told them to expect me. I quickly remove the items I want so easily because your home offers superb privacy and then lock the front door behind me and drive away. You practically screamed at me "Here it is.Come and get it!"

Your nightmare would be trying to convince the insurance company that your home was actually broken into because the police would not be able to establish point of entry. The insurance company's assessor may not like the lack of security items your home afforded. The fact that no obvious point of entry could be discovered may cast doubts in the insurance assessor's mind as to the validity of your claim. The insurance company may well want you to withdraw your claim or face fraud charges.

So I guess if you take steps to secure your home by taking steps to prevent intruders those steps are best kept to yourself. You should definitely not allow any person that you yourself have not first vetted entry to your home and should accompany them as they inspect your home. Do not engage the person in conversation as to any details regarding security . In fact your home should not be presented as an open invitation to any person who is a candidate for an intruder. Keep garage doors locked ,fence gates locked and apply security door locks not just the locking catch near the handle,and apply window locks etc.In fact do everything possible that you can think of to deter intruders.

Without getting paranoid about intruders you should not turn your home into a fortress. You may only fool yourself into a false sense of security. If for instance you have secured your doors and windows you may not have secured the roof manhole access.This item is so often overlooked. All a determined intruder has to do is lift your some of your roofing material and enter your home via the ceiling. As I have said previously you cannot be expected to think of everything. That is why you should take out contents insurance.

Think of an intruder as Santa in reverse. If Santa can find a way into your home chimney or no chimney then so can an intruder. The big difference however is that Santa actually leaves gifts.

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