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Prevention of Spiders in your Room

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Spiders being in your house can be an absolute nightmare to content with. They can appear from out of nowhere and often traditional bug or insects sprays wont work on them. A spider sprayed with bug spray can even look dead for a time, only to shake its effects off and wander around again a sort time later. As well as this, spiders are the most feared creatures in the entire world. More people are scared of them than any other phobia.

There are many species of spiders that enjoy the warmer climes of the inside of your house, rather then the cold weather of outside. As well as this, being inside for them is usually safer then being outside, as they have few natural predators inside, such as scorpions or wasps, etc. Houses typically also contain plenty of places where they can hide during the day without being disturbed. Many of their prey can also be seen in the average house, which means that houses are an ideal place for a spider to live.

The trouble comes when people have to live with them. People these days are staying up later and so encountering spiders on a more regular basis. Some are more troublesome than others, such as the wolf or hobo spider or the brown recluse. These are both quite large and can both give painful bites as well. Luckily, however, there are several easy ways to keep spiders out of your home.

Firstly, owning a cat is a great way to keep spiders at bay. Cats are immune to the poison from very nearly every type of spider, as large spiders are a source of food for cats in the wild. A cat who discovers a spider walking across the floor will either eat it, or treat it as a play thing, killing it in the process. Cats will also tend to get into a lot smaller places than people do, meaning there are less seldom used spaces for the spiders to make their nests in. My cat, for example, will readily eat pretty much any type of insect, spider or flying invertebrate that enters the house.

Another good way of reducing the spider population in your house is to get rid of the places where they can easily live. Most houses have lots of crevices and dark spaces that are rarely disturbed, which make ideal places for spiders to live. If you remove as many of these places as you can, then they will have less space and the population will fall. Things as simple as keeping clutter to a minimum, and making sure that gaps under furniture etc are filled with solid shapes, ensuring there is no space for anything to crawl into can be very effective.

Deterring a spider's prey is also a very effective method of keeping them away as well. Having an electric fly trap and keeping bug traps around the house will mean that the spiders wont want to come into your house as much as they wont be able to find anything to eat. A few might still come in for warmth in the winter time, but not as many as there would have been if there was plentiful food available as well. A lot of the spiders prey feed on rotting materials, so keeping basements dry and free of mold and rotting wood is also essential.

On a singular basis, spiders can also be hard to kill. Wolf spiders especially are quite tough for spiders and can survive a lot which other spiders wouldn't. Even being swatted with an newspaper, for example, can sometimes leave them unscathed. There are a few methods which I employed more out of panic at the time, and yet which proved to be very effective for killing single spiders.

If you can picture the scene, i was getting into the shower, the water was beginning to become nice and hot. A huge wolf spider then falls from inside the shower unit itself from underneath the temperature handle. Panicking, I jumped out of the shower and grabbed the nearest item to hand to administer some punishment to it for its voyeurism. I grabbed a can of the gel type shaving foam and sprayed the spider, covering it completely in the blue gel. It became slightly stuck, and then as the gel solidified into shaving foam, the spider was dead. This method is effective because it is easy to clean up after, and it stops the spider dead in its tracks. A lot of sprays will cause the spider to run away to safety as they are sprayed, but shaving foam leaves them trapped immediately.

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