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A popular trend in exterior paint for a home is to stick with an earthy and natural color palate.  This trend in home décor works well for modern architectural designs as well as older more classical exterior home layouts.  For example, a contemporary house with modern lines and eclectic architectural movement looks attractive in a brown and white exterior color palate just as a Tudor style home does.  Many people like the warm and welcoming house appeal that earth tones provide.  In order to keep a home that has been painted with earth tones exciting and vibrant, it is important to keep in mind a few designing principles.

Earth Tones are Still A Wide Spectrum

Earthy exterior paint shades do not just include shades of tan.  Tan is a popular shade, and it looks quite appealing on most homes, but it is not the only earthy tone.  Earth tones include hues of color that range from white to deepest brown.  In fact, some shades of green that have a muted appearance are often quite earthy in their appearance.  If you can imagine colors that are visible in natural wood, stone, and greenery, then you have a good sense the shades that fall into the earth tone spectrum.

Earth Tones Look Best with An Accent Color

Since earth tones in themselves are not often very vivid or eye-catching, an accent color tends to really bring this popular exterior color palate to life.  For example, a house that has been painted a neutral shade of tan looks fresh and clean when simple white trim is applied.  In addition, a contrasting front door will bring a sense of focus to the front of your home.  Once again, a Tudor home looks stunning when an accent color is used to draw out the architectural elements of the home.  These accent colors don’t have to be especially bright, but they should contrast with the basic paint color used on the majority of the house.

Earth Tones Shouldn’t Create a Gloomy Atmosphere

Homes that are painted with an earthy color palate shouldn’t look dull or gloomy.  To avoid this unwanted result, choose neutral paint colors that look good with colorful accessories and additions.  You want your home to look amazing with a big pot of bright red flowers near the doorway, so stay away from dark hues of rust and orange that detracts from the earthy elements.  Reds, peaches, and purples should add a punch of zesty color to the front of your home.  Fortunately, most soft earthy tones are neutral enough that they look fabulous with colorful accessories.  Earth tones provide a great paint color that will certainly welcome friends and family to your house.

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