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The Mittleider method was redeveloped by Dr. Jacob Mittleider. The idea of the method is based on using the maximum amount of space, least amount of time, and getting the most out of your resources. You will often see or hear of the Mittleider method as being organic gardening or "the poor man's hydroponic method."

This method includes ideas such as vertical growing, planting close together for larger produce results with fewer weeds, and use natural nutrients to nourish the plants. This method can be used in your garden or in grow boxes or soil beds. It is designed to be used in small or large spaces. The concept is to have a well organized space regardless of the size.

What is the difference between the soil beds and grow boxes? Soil beds are narrow strips in your ground garden that are about 18 inches wide by 30 inches long. The length may vary depending on the size of the garden. Grow boxes are small plots of soil that can be just about any size any placed anywhere.

This way of gardening is a great idea for those who have a large garden as well as those who don't. If you have large space the method is helpful on weed control and large crops. If you are in the city or have limited space you can still use this method in grow boxes. The idea is to plant based on the square footage you have available to use and produce a large quantity of food in a small area . To get the large quantities of produce is based on how the garden is planted. For example if you choose to use the vertical planting or plant close together. You can also plant the same thing in spans to get multiple harvests.

Some of the advantages to the Mittleider method are fewer weeds, larger harvests and minimum use of water. There are no chemical fertilizers used in this method. Instead it is recommended that you use a manure tea which is made up of cow or horse manure and water. To make the tea you would need a burlap bag and the manure. Fill the bag about 2/3 full of the manure and place it in a barrel of water overnight. Then use to water the garden.

Times are tough. More and more people are growing their own gardens. The Mittleider method is a resourceful way to get the most out of your garden. I have used different parts of the method myself and have seen great results. The manure and vertical planting are both very successful. If you are into gardening you will find that on almost every garden website there is some reference on how to use the Mittleider method as is has become increasing popular in many countries. I recommend this method as I have seen better results by using it myself.

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