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Iron stains are easily removed if you know how to remove iron stains from clothes properly. Most of us can identify that yellowish brown stain that appears on our white clothing and suddenly we become panicked that we are never going to be able to remove it but with a little effort there are several things you can try to remove the stain.

One thing you don't want to do is let the stain get anywhere near heat, this will set the stain in and you may never get the stain out. Stay away from an iron or dryer the heat will make sure your stain stays right where it is. Another thing to remember is always read the label on your clothing to make sure it is washable.

Most stains that we get in our clothes stay there due to the amount of time it takes for us to discover they are there. The longer a stain sits on clothing the less chance you will have to remove it and this is totally true for iron stains.

As soon as you notice an iron stain, apply plain soda to it. Let this sit for awhile and soak into the garment, after it has sat awhile you can place an absorbent pad underneath the stain and start blotting it. When you start blotting the stain work from the edge of the stain towards the center, by doing this you won't spread the stain or make it worse. Apply as much club soda as you need.

Vinegar is another wonderful product to remove iron stains from clothing. In fact, a cup of vinegar in your wash not only helps prevent stains but helps retain the color and stops your clothes from fading. If you're using vinegar on an iron stain pour the vinegar directly from the bottle and start blotting from the edges to the center of the stain. Rinse in cold water after the stain is gone then if the garment is washable put it through your regular wash.

If soda or vinegar doesn't work there are many products on the market for removing iron stains from clothing. These can be found at any retail outlet. Always read the directions before using anything on your clothing if you're not sure the amounts to use.

Fresh lemon juice squeezed from a lemon onto the stain can work wonders for an iron stain. A cup of lemon juice added to your wash load will do the same. To work on the stain with fresh lemon juice place the stain on a blotter and squeeze the juice directly on the stain. Rub the stain from the edges towards the center. Your stain should be only a memory in no time.

If all of these alternatives fail you may have to take your garment to a dry cleaner. They are professionals and have a remover for every kind of stain that comes through their doors. They also are very aware of the different types of fabric and what is best to use on them not to damage the material.

Iron stains won't pose too big of a problem if you get at them immediately and work on removing them. Try these suggestions and you may never need to see a dry cleaner. Soon your iron stain will be a thing of the past and you can be prepared if it happens again, you will know how to remove iron stains from clothes.

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