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Innovative Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

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"Innovative Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms"
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The problem with finding innovative decorating ideas for bedrooms is that trends catch on quick. Although your decorations may be original at first, before too long they are likely to be a common theme. The best way to keep the decorative scheme innovative in your bedroom is to add your own creative twist to the style you choose.

A bedroom is meant to be the most comfortable room in the house. It should be a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Your bedroom is where you will relax and settle in for a peaceful sleep at the end of the day. It should be an inviting, sleep-enticing haven.

There are many ways that you can incorporate these qualities with an innovative decorating scheme. Decide what type of atmosphere will work best for you. Then, choose something that suits your personality but is as different and interesting as you are.

Let's go hunting!

The rustic appeal is a popular theme for decorating. Many people enjoy earthy tones and animal heads adorning the walls. Take this theme one step further by going completely camouflage. Paint the walls in hues of green, tan, and brown.

Pick grass green carpeting and a tent-style canopy for your bed. Use lantern-type lamps for lighting and burn candles that hold the scent of the outdoors in autumn to complete this innovative style. If you are a hunter or an avid fan of the outdoors, this bedroom theme will hold many possibilities for you.

Memories are forever.

Being sentimental is something that will never go out of style. Capture your memories in the bedroom by creating a shrine of keepsakes that have meant a lot through out the years. Have family members and friends help you paint murals on the walls with personal messages like a giant autograph book. Frame and hang greeting cards or ticket stubs that have special meaning.

Make a quilt (or if you can't sew, have one made) using clothing items and favorite materials throughout the years. Use shelves to display childhood toys, scattered school-day memories, or special family heirlooms. Pick candles or potpourri with a nostalgic scent to capture and take you back to the good old days. For those of you that are big softies at heart, there are many innovative ways that you can personalize this style to suit you.

When I said, "I do" I meant it throughout eternity.

The marital bedroom is very important for a couple. The key to innovative decorating in this area is to remember the good times and the beauty of your relationship. A married couple could have their wedding invitations, copies of their vows, or their marriage certificate made into wallpaper to adorn the walls.

The color scheme for bedding and carpet should be the colors used at the wedding. Drape white lace canopy style over the bed. Hang or paint hearts, doves, and anything romantically sentimental from the ceiling. Use soft lighting to maintain a sensual appeal. Capture the scent of love through rose or romantic scented candles in oversized wine glasses. This innovative decorating theme for couples in love is one that is guaranteed to hold on to the magic of the love you share together.

There are angels among us.

Many people find comfort and security in the thought of angels. To create an innovative bedroom style featuring these heavenly protectors, all you need is to believe. You can pick one of many existing angel wallpaper themes available on the market or design your own. For a more original look, you may want to opt for painting the walls baby blue and accenting them with billowy white clouds. You can paint or wallpaper angels on the ceiling to make them look like they are watching over you.

Hang wall shelves and line them with a mix of your favorite angelic creatures in various poses. Pick a big soft rug or cozy carpeting to give the floor a relaxing appeal. For the bedding, choose a white, pink, or blue comforter and large pillows with cuddly little cherub images. Pick a lighting method that will beam down on you peacefully. Choose powder scented sachets and candles to aromatically bring the whole look together. Decorating your bedroom with this innovative idea will bring inspiration to even the biggest non-believer.

Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities when it comes to decorating your bedroom with a fresh appeal. If you can think it, you can create it. Capture the hippie era, make a tribute to Native American history, or remind yourself it's a jungle out there with a wildlife theme. Embrace your ideas and you can turn them into an innovative decorative theme for your bedroom that will add the perfect balance you have been longing for.

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