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Improve your Interior Decor with Inexpensive Flooring Options

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"Improve your Interior Decor with Inexpensive Flooring Options"
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Flooring is one of the more expensive items in your home, and the most extensive element in your design. But if your floor is looking worn, or your carpet is kaput, and your budget just won't let you purchase the marble tile of your dreams, don't despair. There are inexpensive ways to make your floors look good.

If you have a little money to spend, consider installing laminate flooring. It's inexpensive and easy for the do-it-yourselfer. Without the cost of installation, laminate flooring can run as low as $3.00 to $4.00 a square foot.

Ceramic tile can also be inexpensive if you install it yourself. But it is a time consuming task and labor intensive. This kind of flooring can cost as little as $2.00 a square foot.

But what if you need to improve your floors and installing a new floor just isn't possible.

If the tile in your kitchen and bathrooms is fine, but the carpet is looking dingy in the traffic zones, use area rugs. An 8x10 foot quality area rug can be found for as little $300.00 to $400.00. Put it right on top of your existing carpet and the room will be transformed. You can also use area rugs over hardwood flooring that's in need of refinishing.

Another option is stripping off the existing flooring, be it hard surface flooring or carpeting, and upgrading your sub-floor. This works if your home is on a slab foundation and you have concrete sub-floors.

Once you've taken off the old floor coverings, prep your sub-floor by removing all debris and glues, cleaning and leveling it. There are some very good products available at local home improvement stores to aid in these tasks.

Now that your sub-floor is ready, you can paint it. You can paint it a solid color and create a smooth finish. You can also faux finish the floor. Try faux finishes for a stone look, or tile, or a Mediterranean white wash. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The cost is that of the paints, paint supplies, and your time.

If you simply must have carpeting, try using in stock carpeting at your local home improvement store. These are usually so inexpensive as to be cheap, but they will hold up for a couple of years. Simply measure the room, go to the store, select carpeting from in stock, and ask the associates to cut a piece. For most living rooms, a 12 foot by 12 foot piece will do.

Just take this home and flop it down on the existing floor. Anchor it with furniture and carpet tape. This solution is usually around $100.00 to $200.00.

One more inexpensive option is the peel and stick vinyl tiles. They can be placed over existing vinyl or installed directly onto the sub-floor. This solution can cost as little as a $1.00 a square foot. Sheet vinyl is slightly more expensive, and much more difficult to install.

Any of these solutions will help you improve your current flooring without breaking the bank. One of the more expensive costs to flooring lies in labor. Any project you can do yourself will save you considerable funds, and any of these options will allow you to stretch your budget a little bit further.


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