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How to Remove Stains from the Wall

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"How to Remove Stains from the Wall"
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Stains and spots are a regular feature in every house especially if you have small children in your home. But need not worry any more my friend; just forget to paint the whole house because of some silly stains and spots, as you are going to learn the art of removing those stubborn stains from the wall.

Here are some wonderful tips to remove those stains from walls. The secret of sparkling clean walls will save you from spending your money on paint and you will be able to get rid of the stains with very little effort and in a jiffy.

The golden rule

The golden rule for removing wall stain is that you should try to treat it immediately. No matter what stain either on walls, clothes or furniture the rule is to clean it as soon as it happens for easy and fast removal.

The most common wall stains that you can scrap out from your walls easily in your day to day life are

Crayon marks

You can easily wipe the crayon marks from the walls with the help of baking soda. Take a damp cloth and sprinkle baking soda on it. Use the damp cloth on the stained wall and the crayon marks will vanish instantly.

Cello tape marks

To avoid a cello tape mark from your walls never ever pull the cello tape out as it will peel of the paint from the wall too. The tricky thing to do is to heat a spoon and press it against the cello tape. The result is instant as the cello tape will remove from the wall easily without leaving behind any marks or stain.

Oil stains

To get rid of an oil stain from the wall simply apply the dish washing liquid over the stain and leave it for five to ten minutes. Then use a scrubber to take out the stain. In the end dry the stain of the excessive moisture with the help of the tissue paper.

Ink stains

Ink stains can be easily removed from the wall, by the use of non oily liquid spray or lemon juice. Attack the stained area with the spray and wipe it off with a clean cloth after. The ink stain tends to vanish. In some cases it may take several applications.

Tip to remember

While putting into practice any of the stain removal methods I strongly recommend that you should make a test in a non visible area first, to be sure that you do not end up spoiling your wall. Doing a test before is always good and will give you the confidence to remove the stubborn stain more easily.

So what are you waiting for go and try to get out those stubborn stains out, from your walls immediately. And give a surprise to your family members by making your walls in the house sparkling clean.

In the end just enjoy the compliments for your new learnt secret right?

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