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How to Remove Pet Hair Dog Fur Dust Mites

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"How to Remove Pet Hair Dog Fur Dust Mites"
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The best tool for removing pet hair around the house is the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. The Dyson Animal picks up hair, dirt and debris like no other vacuum cleaner I've ever used. If you have pets that leave hair behind on your carpets, drapes, and furniture then you have a bigger problem than just the unsightly hair. You also have dust mites as well. Dust mites live off of dead skin cells from humans and animals and they get into all of the carpets and fabrics in our homes.

Many people believe that the hairs left behind by our pets cause allergic reactions in certain individuals, but it is actually the dander or dead skin cells that people are allergic to. The dust mites that feed off of the pet dander can multiply rapidly and each dust mite can leave up to twenty droppings a day. The droppings contain a certain protein that can be highly irritating to most individuals. It can cause anything from skin rashes to severe asthma.

One square yard of carpet can contain millions of dust mites, droppings, and the little corpses of dead mites. Most vacuum cleaners will only pick up a small percent of the hair, dust, and mites in carpets and uphostery, but the Dyson Animal vacuum not only picks up the hair and dust mites, but leaves the air cleaner as well.

The handle on the vacuum becomes a telescoping wand that can be used with one of the many different attachments to clean the stairs, drapes, mattresses, window sills, ceiling fans, and corners. The mini-turbine pet hair attachment has a rolling bristle brush inside that grabs the hair from upholstery and other surfaces. Just turn on the vacuum and move the mini-turbine attachment over your sofa, love seat, chairs, mattresses, and any other place where pet hair is tough to remove. You will be shocked to see how easily it removes all traces of hair, dust, and dirt.

Another way of ridding your home of ped hair is to use the rubber pet mitt with nodules. You simply put the mitt on your hand and stroke your pet. It collects loose hairs that you just peel away and throw in the garbage. Best of all, your pet will enjoy the massaging feel of the mitt. There are also special pet brushes you can buy in most pet stores that will do the same thing, but your pet won't likely enjoy the brushes as much as the mitt.

For your bed, it is very important that you use a waterproof mattress protector and pillow protectors. This will keep dust mites out of your pillows and mattress to help prevent allergic reactions.

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