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How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Fabric

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"How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Fabric"
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When it comes to furniture, curtains and carpets it often appears to be impossible to remove cigarette smell from fabrics. Owners are left with three possible solutions about how to get fabrics smelling fresh once again.

Many people like to take the easy option and attempt to remove cigarette smells by making use of air fresheners. Many air fresheners though do little more than mask the offending smell, and do nothing to remove the smell of cigarettes. Thus when the air freshener runs out or wears off, the cigarette smell returns.

The second option is an extreme one, but it is basically to get rid of the curtains, carpet or furniture that smells of cigarettes. Sometimes it just seems that there is no way to get rid of the cigarette smell, and it is certainly easier and less time consuming, if not cheaper, to get a new carpet or piece of furniture.

As mentioned though the second option of getting rid of home furnishings is an extreme one and a preferred method is to undertake a thorough clean. There are many professional cleaning companies now advertising their services, and the best of these firms will have a huge range of tools and products to help with the cleaning process, tools that include steam cleaners. Many of the same cleaning products are also available from supermarkets now, and they do a thorough cleaning job if used correctly.

There is though often no need to shell out on expensive cleaning products as there are a number of products hidden away in kitchen cupboards that also do a good job. One of the most common of these products being baking soda; bicarbonate of soda being a truly effective cleaner. The cigarette smell lingers in fabric because of the fact that remnants of tar and nicotine have worked their way into the weave of the fabrics, it is therefore essential to remove these remnants otherwise the smell will return. To help with the removal of these remnants simply sprinkle the baking soda onto the fabric and then rub in where possible.

The baking soda should then be left on the fabric for two or three hours, before it is thoroughly vacuumed up. The baking soda will help absorb the remnants of nicotine, and will easily vacuum up unlike the remnants by themselves.

With plenty of elbow grease it is possible to remove the smell of cigarettes from fabrics, and with effort the need to throw anything away will never occur.

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