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How to Redecorate a Room with no Money

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"How to Redecorate a Room with no Money"
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If you're strapped for cash, there are so many easy, creative, cheap and free ways to update and redecorate a room and give it the face lift it needs. Have a look at home interior magazines, to give you an idea of what type of theme or look you want to create, then try to recreate a similar idea using the stuff you have at home. Here are a few decor ideas that won't cost you much, but will add a bit of sassy stylishness and pizzazz to your pad, converting whatever knick-knacks you have lying around the house into stylish accents. Cheap can truly be charming and even classy.

Start with a fresh coat of paint. You'd be surprised at what a bit of colour therapy can do to a room and the effect and atmosphere a new paint can create. Update your colour scheme or simply brighten up your old, faded walls. Colour also has the power to create illusions of size and space, as well as influence psychology. Decide if you want an active, passive or neutral room, and work with the appropriate colours to create the desired effect. If you're handy at home, also consider painting your furniture in a semi-gloss or satin finish to freshen up your furniture, then move it around to maximize space in your room.

The Cheap Home Decor Project encourages you to explore your creative, natural and imaginative side by using-do-it yourself indoor decor. Think of using articles in your house, souvenirs and collectibles and using them as custom accessories. For example, take unique elements like shells, sand, crafts, stones or trinkets from holidays and put them on a classy display. Take out your treasured photos and finally put them in those old frames that you never use. Postcards, photographs or collages can also make intriguing wall art. Use your existing collections and items to create room themes. Re-arrange your flower pots, vases, plastic or crystal fruit, dried flowers, candies or nuts, candles, jars, mirrors and clocks to add extra oomph and makeover your room. Whip out your most eccentric and creative objects, and put them out on display. If you normally leave your plants on the windowsill, hang them from the ceiling instead. If you can't afford new flooring, a nice area rug can really spice up your floor.

Change and create your linens for a personal, custom made effect. Use different sheets, throws, duvet covers, pillows, lampshades, and blankets in your bedroom or living room. Use new table cloths, runners, place mats and napkins to make over your kitchen. For a cheap craft idea, try making your own patterned designs for a fraction of the price. Making new linen skip covers is a good way to avoid more expensive furniture upholstery. To reinvent your windows and learn how to make, no-sew, cheap, homemade window treatments, click here.

It can be hard to reinvent your kitchen or bathroom without spending a lot, so one easy way to spice up these rooms is to update your knobs and pulls without changing your actual cabinets and drawers. Kitchen and/or bathroom accessories can make a whole lot of difference as well. In addition to new kitchen linens, table accessories, lazy susans, shakers or canisters can also recreate your kitchen on the cheap. Clean out stuff that's stored away in cabinets and boxes and see how it can be used to decorate your table, island, or breakfast bar.

If you have some money to spare, head to the nearest garage sale to find some cute and cheap accents that can warm up your kitchen or bathroom, without dropping a fortune on major renovations.

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