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How to Protect your Flooring and Furniture from Fading by Sunlight

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"How to Protect your Flooring and Furniture from Fading by Sunlight"
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The sun's rays can be very harmful, leading to fading and bleaching of your furniture and flooring.  Depending on the climate that you live in will potentially make the problem worse for some;  living in a tropical setting with strong sun for most of the year can add to the difficulties but don't despair, there are solutions to the problem at hand:

Firstly you can purchase a special UV fabric spray to prevent fading in your furniture fabrics; new and improved sprays are being devised all the time so shop around and see which ones stack up as being the most effective.  Alternatively you could choose very light colored furniture and carpets that will not be so prone to fading and mottling from sun-exposure.  Perhaps you could compensate by having brightly colored and patterned cushions and throw-rugs that can more easily be recovered and replaced in the event of sun fading thus saving you on time and expense.

Obviously, any piece of furniture that you use in patio areas or out door entertaining spaces will have a higher risk of being damaged by the sun's rays.  Be careful in your choice of chairs etc to be used and store pieces indoors and under cover away from the sun when not in use in order to preserve their condition.

For sofas and armchairs in the living room or plush carpeting and rugs you may need to have your window glass tinted in order to prevent harmful UV sun rays from fading them.  Or you could have thick drapes installed that can be drawn in the hottest times of the day as a protective measure.  However these methods can lead to darkened and dreary interiors that may not promote good living spaces.  So what to do?:

(a)  You could have sheets and coverings on hand to drape over furniture as a protective layer.  In order to shield your carpets from the light, the purchasing of decorative rugs and matting may be used to throw over the more expensive carpeting in order to offer it some shading.  At night times when you wish to have your natural carpet showing simply store the upper layer mats in a cupboard.

(b)  Have your windows fitted with new scientific designed glass that specifically blocks out the harmful spectrum of UV light while allowing natural light rays to enter unimpeded.  This may be quite an expense for some but could be worth it in the long run if you are not continually replacing expensive pieces of furniture and carpeting.

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