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How to Prevent Mildew on Vinyl Siding

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"How to Prevent Mildew on Vinyl Siding"
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Vinyl siding is now widely used in the belief that it is a low-maintenance form of home siding. To a certain extent this statement is true, but twice a year the vinyl siding should be given a thorough clean. Vinyl siding is renown for allowing mildew to build up, and whilst it is not difficult to remove mildew from vinyl siding, homeowners often ask how to prevent mildew on vinyl siding.

Many cleaning firms have produced products which make the claim that as well as cleaning vinyl siding, their product will also help to prevent future mildew development. These claims are often highly debated by homeowners, with the same product being successful on one home and useless on another. The same success rate is also seen with the standard home remedy of white vinegar and water mixture.

To try and figure out how to prevent mildew on vinyl siding, it is important to recognize where it most readily forms. The black and brown spots that are indicative of the presence of mildew are found in the shaded areas of vinyl siding, those areas that receive little direct sunlight. As such the hidden areas of siding behind trees and bushes are often covered in mildew. Vinyl siding is generally porous and so moisture collects in the pores, causing mildew, a fact that is made worse when water from guttering and down pipes is allowed to hit the vinyl siding.

To try and prevent mildew on vinyl siding the factors that allow the forming of it need to be addressed. It is impossible to allow all elements of the siding to receive direct sunlight but action can be taken to allow the vinyl siding to breathe. Trees and bushes that are touching or are unnecessarily near to the siding should be trimmed back. This will help prevent any dirt and pollen transferring from the plants onto the siding.

Moisture can also be minimized by ensuring that all guttering and down pipes are working properly. This will mean that the guttering will need to be cleared out regularly to ensure that no debris is impairing them. Moisture can also emanate from inside the home and so bathrooms and utility rooms should have adequate ventilation, channeling moisture away from the vinyl siding.

It is nigh on impossible though to totally prevent the build up of mildew on vinyl siding, due to the porous nature of the material involved. Human intervention though can help to make the cleaning of the siding less difficult.

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