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How to Make Peat Pots for Growing Seeds

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"How to Make Peat Pots for Growing Seeds"
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During the winter months it is impossible to grow plants outside, with the ground frozen and weather conditions the exact opposite of what is good for nearly all plants. One solution to this is to use plant seeds using seed trays, so that plants can start their growing in ideal conditions until the correct season comes about. The problem with this solution is that taking the newly growing plants out of their original dirt and into a plot in the garden can damage and possibly even kill some plants.

The far superior solution is to use what are called Peat Pots. These pots allow you to grow plants in ideal conditions inside, and when it comes time to plant them outside, you simply plant the entire pot, which degrades quickly after being planted, allowing the plant to grow without unnecessary trauma. Though not at all that expensive, you can save a trip to the store by making your own Peat Pots out of household items for less than a dollar.

What you'll need:

• Paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls.
• A newspaper
• Peat planting mix

First, you will need to cut the paper towel or toilet paper rolls. 2 to 3 inches per tube is sufficient, and will warrant you two pots from the toilet paper and around four if you use the paper towel rolls. The amount of tubes you want does not correspond to how many pots you actually want, merely the amount of mass production you are interested in.

Next, Cut out a strip of news paper long enough to wrap around your pot a few times and about inch or so taller than the tube. After wrapping the tube in the newspaper, tuck the excess in so that it forms a wadded bottom.

Remove the paper tube from the open end of the newspaper and if wrapped sufficiently it should stay rolled up. You now have your first homemade peat pot! Fill it with your planting mix and repeat this process until you have all the pots your heart desires.

After planting your seeds place the pots into seed trays, watering them by pouring water into the tray itself, so that the pots can draw the water up from the bottom. Once spring arrives, simply plant the pots wherever you so wish. They will dissolve after a short time, allowing your plants to grow trauma free. All you must worry about now is giving them water, sun, and love.  

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