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How to Make a Homemade Snow Roof Rake

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"How to Make a Homemade Snow Roof Rake"
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So, you would like to build a snow rake?

Okay.  This is how to build it.

You’ll need these:

  Painter’s extension poles - the number depends on how long you want the rake to be.

  One old snow-shovel.

  Two metal strips, each about fourteen inches long.

  Four bolts, four washers and four nuts.

  One drill and one drill bit. (You could substitute a broomstick handle or a tree cutter for the painter’s poles).

Let’s get started.

First comes the pole.  Ideally, you would like it to reach high enough that it is not necessary to stand on a ladder to use it.

Decide where you will want to use the snow rake.  This will help you decide how long it should be. Once this is answered, you’ll know what materials to use.

If it is only five or six feet, then a broomstick handle should be okay.  If you need longer, then painters’ extension poles would work.  Each extension is about eighteen inches long.  The extensions screw into each other to create a handle of whatever size is needed. 

The other alternative is use the pole from a tree cutter.  Most tree cutters have extensions that telescope or slide outward to two or three different lengths. Take off the cutting blade from the pole either by unscrewing it or sawing it. 

Next is the blade. Find an old snow shovel of the kind that you push, not lift.  These have blades that are usually about eighteen inches wide and ten inches high.  Try to find one with a plastic or aluminum blade.  The lighter weight will be easier to use.  A shovel with a bent shaft is preferable.  This will make it easier to angle the shovel to pull the snow.

If you don’t have an old shovel, buy the cheapest you can find. Cut the handle about twenty two inches from the blade. This will be attached to the pole and will be used to remove the snow.

With a drill bit, drill two holes in the handle. The first should be either twelve inches from the blade or if a bent angle shovel is used, at the point where the shaft bends. The second should be an inch and one half from the end of the handle.

Next, drill one hole in the pole end that will fit into the handle.  The hole should be two inches from the end.  This will give the pole enough strength to withstand the pulling or pushing force when the rake is used.

Slide the pole into the shovel handle until the two drilled holes are matched.  Insert a bolt with a washer. Attach a nut on the opposite side and tighten.

Go to the blade and drill two holes.  Each should be four inches in from the end and two inches up from the bottom of the blade.

Take the two metal strips and drill a hole in the two ends of each strip.  After the holes are drilled, flatten each end of the strips. Match the one of flattened holes to drilled holes in the blade. Again, insert a bolt with a washer. Attach a nut on the opposite side and tighten.  Do that for both holes.

Now take the other flattened ends and match them with the holes in the pole.  Attach with a bolt as with the other holes.

The snow rake is now completed. Now, go use it.

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