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How to Maintain a Water Softener

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"How to Maintain a Water Softener"
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Do you have a water softener? If you have hard water, you should, both for your own well-being and to protect your pipes, appliances, and fixtures from hard water build-up. Water softeners are great, but someone is going to have to maintain the system. Some less-expensive models require manual service and maintenance.

Many automatic systems do most of their own cleaning, and warn you when more help is needed. Or you may go all the way with a professional service that maintains your water softener system.

If you make the manual maintenance choice, you will need to perform this chore at least every three months, and a monthly check would not hurt. You should check the water hardness.

This makes sure that the right amount of salt is being used, and that the system is working properly.

The brine tank must be inspected for salt build up which will need to be dealt with. You must also be sure that the salt level is adequate. Consult the manufacturer for type of salt used, but evaporated salt may be your best choice for low maintenance, though it is more expensive than other types of salt.

You will need to check the resin bed. Although they last many years, you should check periodically to be sure that all is well with this important part of your water softener system.

Usually a buildup of iron or other problem can be solved by cleaning. However, a growth of algae or visible bacterial build up may mean it is time to replace the resin bed.

The so-called automatic systems do not quite do everything for themselves. But they do have a system for checking and indicating water hardness, and they regulate the amount of salt being used to make sure the system is functioning effectively.

The automatic type water softener system also lets you know when the brine tank needs cleaning. If you are not so much into hands-on maintenance, the automatic type water system may be worth the higher cost to you.

And then there is this easiest of all systems to maintain, for you at least. That is the professionally maintained system. There are many services that will advise you on your needs, by testing the condition of your water and evaluating your water usage.

These water treatment professionals can install a system as well as contract to do the periodic maintenance that is required to keep your water softener system doing its job.

No matter which water softener system maintenance approach you choose, the automatic system, the home handy-person do-it-yourself system, or the full professional service and maintenance system, make sure the proper maintenance is done.

Failure to keep up with this important chore could result in failure of your water softener system. If soft water is important to you and your family, professional water softener system maintenance may be your best choice to ensure the water quality you desire.

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