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How to keep your Home Free of Pet Hairs

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"How to keep your Home Free of Pet Hairs"
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Spring and summer are the worst times of the year to be a pet owner because pets will shed excessively due to the warm weather, especially dogs with an undercoat. This can be an awful experience for any friends or family visiting with pet allergies. There is not much you can do to stop shedding because it is natural for both cats and dogs, but it does help to brush them regularly with brushes that are specially designed to trap loose undercoat. Some breeds will shed noticeably less, but pet hair is part of having pets. There are some things you can do though that will make controlling the loose hair easier and make cleaning more efficient. You want to manage the hair as effectively as possible to prevent it from becoming complete overwhelming. The key is a thorough cleaning schedule.

For your counters and other surfaces

The worst place for pet hair is arguable on the counters in your kitchen. It somehow ends up in your food and drinks no matter how careful you are. A dampened paper towel, latex glove or the palm of your hand will help you clean up hair from smooth surfaces much faster. Wipe down your counter tops, tables, stove and even the top of your refrigerator in this way every couple days depending on how much pet hair is accumulating. Hair sticks to damp things much more readily than to dry ones, so always keep that in mind when battling with the fur.

For your carpet

Vacuum regularly with a vacuum that has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is best. Your carpet needs a full vacuuming at least once a week, sometimes more if you have large pets that shed a lot. If you have low pile carpet, after vacuuming you can also go over areas with a damp sponge to get the most pesky hairs that tangle in the fibers.

For your hardwood or linoleum floors

Do not vacuum your floors that have a hard surface or the hair will just blow back up onto your counter tops and you will have to clean those again. Brooms with rubber bristles or electrostatic brooms are effective for attracting pet hair and holding onto it instead of just spreading it around. Clean your hard floors regularly as well.

For your furniture

Hand vacuums or large lint brushes can be used to periodically clean your furniture. You can also use the damp sponge technique to clump it together too, depending upon what your furniture is made of. A drier sheet also works wonders if you are in a hurry or do not have these other things on hand.

For your clothes

Keep lint rollers handy. It can become really inconvenient to always get out your lint roller before you leave the house to make yourself presentable in public and free of the pet hair that has surely stuck to your clothes. Keep your closet and your dresser drawers closed. Even if your pets do not get into your things, their hair will float everywhere. Get dressed shortly before it is time for you to leave and don't sit down on your couch before heading out. 

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