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How to get Rid of Morning Glory

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"How to get Rid of Morning Glory"
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Morning glory, also known by its seemingly more appropriate name, bindweed, can be an extremely frustrating problem from those who like to keep their gardens and yards maintained and under control. Morning glory may seem like an invincible foe to combat on your own without any help, but it is possible to get rid of the overwhelming infestation of these vines.

Named "bindweed" for a good reason, it will wrap around your other plants and almost literally choke them, often killing them in the process of growth. To make matters worse, it's extremely hard to get rid of.

The reason morning glory is such an invasive threat to your garden is because it is both a vine and a self-sowing plant. You can't just hack it up and expect it to die; it will just grow back because it's a vine. You can remove the leaves and flowers of the vine and slow the vines growth, but it probably isn't worth the effort, because it produces so many seeds it will just grow back next year with new vines.

Getting to the roots is again only a temporary stall against morning glory, and you'd need to get every piece of root the vine has to completely kill it. Even if you do, it will have still laid many seeds and will just grow again next year with more and more vines.

You must use a chemical solution to get rid of morning glory completely; it's the only possible way. Traditional commercial weed killers work fine against morning glory. The probably with it is, if morning glory is already in your yard or garden, its probably spread over a large area, and is near or wrapping around your other plants.

To get around this, it's best to combine physical efforts with your chemical weed killers to enable you to target the vine more accurately and minimize damage to the rest of your plants surrounding it.

Start by physically removing any large vines you see, and either dig up the roots or get as close as you can to the base. Apply your chemical weed killers to the area at the base of where the vine was growing. This should kill of any of the plants you take care of.

The problem is there really isn't any effective way of getting rid of the seeds that already exist in your soil. So you must be persistent and careful to eliminate any newly growing morning glory seedlings.

Paying close attention, be sure to act on any and all new seedlings that start to grow in your garden. Because they're still developing, they should be easy to eliminate. Just apply your chemical weed killer on them, or remove them manually. This will hopefully stop any future up rises of the morning glory vine by sheer force, by eliminating any chance for new vines to grow.

As tedious as it may be, chemical weed killers and quick removal of new plants are the only ways to stop a morning glory infestation from taking over your yard and garden.

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