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How to get Lint off Clothes

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Lint and fuzz on your favorite clothing?

Here are soome quick and easy ways to remove lint and fuzz from your clothing without washing or additional drying.

Removing lint and fuzz can be done in many low cost ways and bring an end to the annoying appearance of lint on your clothing.

Lint roller

Many companies make lint rollers that you can buy in places such as drug stores, grocery stores, and department stores. The rolls usually have about 50 sheets of sticky material on them; some may also be scented. You roll it up and down your clothing until the roll is covered with fuzz and lint.

To use again, you peel off the dirty layer of the roll and a fresh layer is revealed.

Duct tape

Duct tape is cheap and has hundreds of uses. Press the sticky side of lint down on your clothing and peel back. You'll remove hair, dust, lint, and fuzz. The only downside to this method is you may spend more time doing this because each strip of duct tape only covers a small area.


These motorized devices are used to remove lint from a wide variety of fabrics. You basically run the lint remover over the surface of the clothing and the device pulls off the lint as you do it. It causes no mess and can be emptied when you are done.

Air dry

If you can air dry your clothes on something like a clothing line outdoors, not only will you save money but you'll also nearly eliminate all lint and fuzz. Most fuzz comes from the dryer itself, so by air drying you eliminate the main source of the problem. Plus the breeze will blow away any excess lint or fuzz that may be hanging around.

Razor blades

I've seen this mentioned as a great way to remove lint and fuzz before. Supporters of this method purchase cheap shaving blades and then run the blade firmly across the fabric in one direction pulling up lint, fuzz, and hair.

The problem with this method is that it can damage certain kinds of fabric, so only use a razor blade if the fabric is smooth and you know it won't get damaged.

Of course prevention is the best way to solve most daily household problems such as excess lint and fuzz. Clean out your lint catcher on your dryer before and after each drying cycle. Shake out clothes when removing them from the washer and dryer and between loads look inside the dryer to check for clumps of fuzz and lint.

Try these tips today to reduce the amount of lint and fuzz on your clothing.

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