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How to get Grass Stains out of Tennis Shoes

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"How to get Grass Stains out of Tennis Shoes"
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Grass stains are a tough problem to remove from sneakers without damaging the shoe. You want your shoes clean and respectable when you put them on. There are several methods available to remove grass stains from your shoes.

Start by removing the laces from the shoes and fill the shoe with crumpled newspaper to avoid getting the inner sole wet. Test spot a small area of the tongue hidden under the laces and allow two hours to dry when you are unfamiliar with the cleaning product or the shoe material. Blot colored fabrics with a white cloth to test for fading.

~Canvas Sneakers~

Fill a small bowl with mild carpet cleaner foam and use a soft sponge to clean the canvas. Rinse with a damp sponge and dry with a towel. For canvas sneakers that have a rubber toe guard, use a pink pearl eraser to remove embedded grass marks.

~Canvas Field Sport Sneakers~

Remove heavy grass terrain from field sneakers in the dishwasher. First, spray them off to remove any clumps of sod. Remove the laces and place the shoes face down on the top rack. Add liquid dishwasher detergent and select heavy-duty cycle. Remove the shoes after the final rinse cycle and allow to air dry.

~Leather Sneakers~

Use a leather shoe-cleaning wipe for the leather surfaces. Clean the cloth areas with a soft sponge and carpet cleaner. Remove grass stains from the sides of the soles with a white vinyl eraser. Work a small soft brush around eyelets and wipe clean with a damp sponge. Apply a leather shoe-finishing product when the shoes are completely dry to keep the leather from becoming hard and cracking.

~Vinyl Sneakers~

Scrub vinyl sneakers clean with a wet cloth and some warm water and mild laundry detergent. The surface of this material is much more durable and has a glossy water repellent sealer. Use a soft brush for stubborn stains but refrain from strong household cleaners.

Laundry stain removing products are effective for shoes pretreated and fully immersed in water. Bleach products can yellow shoe soles and cause canvas to tarnish. Use baking soda on the grout areas of the sole to brush out deep grass marks.

Alcohol based products like hair spray, fingernail polish remover, and jewelry cleaner causes damage to leather finishes. They will also remove the adhesive used to hold emblems on the shoes. When using aerosol sprays like a scotch guard product, tape over areas that need protected. 

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