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How to Freshen up your Carpets

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"How to Freshen up your Carpets"
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If you ever walked into a room, and noticed a funny smell, or have you ever been looking at houses, and been able to tell that the former owners had pets. Then chances are, you are smelling their carpets. But how can you get rid of certain smells, that embed themselves into your carpet? That's easy, lay new your carpet! Just kidding of course, the easiest thing to do, would be to refresh your carpets. So here are a few of my tips, of how to freshen your carpets.

Use dollar store cleaners

If you visit your local dollar store, and visit their cleaning products aisle, and you'll find plenty of options, to clean your carpets. You might try something with baking soda in it, like something from Arm and Hammer, sprinkle on your carpets, leave on for the appropriate amount of time, and then vacuum. That one usually, work to freshen your carpets, but you will probably have to repeat it, within a week or two. There are also sprays, like Resolve brand carpet cleaner, that you spray on, and then once again vacuum. There is also a great dollar store product called "M30 Cleans Almost Anything Stainer Remover" which we have used to clean up pet stains, and it works incredibly well.

Mail-order products

There are some mail order products that you can use, like from Amway, or other catalogs. These are usually liquid products, that you have to pour on, and scrub with a brush, then wait until they dry, and then vacuum. These products are quite excellent, for removing stains as well as freshening your carpets, but they take a lot more work, so you might want to think about that, before you buy them.

Rent a Rug Doctor

Another great thing to use to freshen your carpets is, a steam cleaner called a Rug Doctor. You can rent them from almost any home improvement store, and even a few grocery stores, and they usually let you keep them for a 24-hour period. It works best, if you remove all the furniture, out of the room that you plan to clean. I remember the last time we rented one, we moved all the furniture out of all three bedrooms, and we all slept in the living room, it was quite fun. But I digress, after you remove all of the furniture, or at least the little things that touch the floor, take your Rug Doctor, fill it with the appropriate amount of cleaner and water, and run it over your carpets. You will probably need to let the carpets dry, for around eight to twelve hours, so make sure you let your family know that, that room is off limits. This is probably, the best way to freshen your carpets.

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