How to Find a Leak in a Waterbed

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"How to Find a Leak in a Waterbed"
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Leaks in water beds are not all that common and when they do occur the hole is probably no bigger than the size of a pin head. Water bed bags and liners should be checked at least twice a year to make sure your mattress is not leaking. If you do find water between the mattress and the water bed liner then you have to repair the leak. Your next step may be wondering how to find a leak in a water bed. There is no need to panic it is not that difficult and rather easy to repair.

The first thing that should be done is to unplug your heaters and wipe up any water that has leaked onto the liner. Usually the holes are so small it will be only a small amount of water. Once you have located the water make sure you dry up every drop that has leaked out. This will keep your liner and the outside of your water bed from staying damp or wet which can cause problems of its own if it is left.

Finding a leak without draining

You can find a leak in your mattress without draining the bed. Examine the top of your mattress first. If the leak is not there inspect the seams that is easiest to get at first. Sometimes the seams of the bag will develop a small leak at times.

If all is dry then you have to start examining the sides and bottom. To do this have someone take the bag in their hands with a good grip and roll it towards the opposite side of the bed. This will disperse the water as long as they are lifting the mattress.

Take a towel and wipe around the area of the bag that is exposed. When it is absolutely dry take some tissue and run over the same area. When you hit where the leak is your tissue will get damp or wet. To examine the other side repeat the same procedure until you find the leak.

Finding a leak by removing a small amount of water

You can find the leak on your water bed by removing just a few gallons of water from the bag. This will allow you to examine a bigger area of the water bag at once. Examine the mattress in the same fashion. The water should disperse to one side a lot easier than if the bag was full. Locate your leak and repair it.

Finding a leak by draining the water bed

Draining a water bed is not difficult. All you need is a garden hose to attach to the plug hole on the bottom of your water bed and place the other end of the hose in the bathtub. It will drain on its own. After all the water is out you can soap up the mattress and press on it so the air that is left in their will show bubbling where the leak is. When you see the bubble you have found the leak.

The only advantage of draining a water bed completely is it will be much lighter to handle but it is also doable when it is full. You can also use a spray bottle of soapy water and spray your mattress where you think the leak is located and this will bubble as the air escapes.

Some people will blow up their water bed once it is drained to place more air in it. This will help to locate the leak but it is not necessary. However the way you choose to find the leak is a personal choice.

Once you have located the leak all that is left is to repair it and refill the mattress if you have drained a small amount of water out of it. There is usually a patch kit supplied with all water beds for repairs and is quite easy to use. If you have completely drained the water bed do not forget to add your conditioner once you refill it. This will help prevent any algae from growing inside the bag. Burp your water bed to get the air out and replace the plug. This is how to locate a leak in a water bed and once it is repaired all that's left is to remake it and enjoy.

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