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How to Create a French Country Entryway

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"How to Create a French Country Entryway"
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A French country entryway to you home will add a sense of modern elegance as guests make their first impression of your home.  The entrance to your home is not important because it is large or because it is the most important room in your house but because it is the room where first impressions are made. 

A French country foyer will bring a sense of sophistication and luxury to your home’s decorative motif.  In order to decorate your French country entryway in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and attractive, you can follow these simple tips.  A French country appeal is simple and classy, so your home décor must complement the stylish theme.

Decorate Your French Country Entryway in Groups of Two

Yes, one is the loneliest number that you will ever see; so choose to decorate your French country entryway in groups of two.  In many home design areas, it is important to decorate in groups of three or five in order to add dimension and symmetry to the area.  In a smaller area like an entryway or foyer, it is acceptable to decorate in groups of two rather than three.  To create a French country visual impact, select two chairs, two wall hangings, and two table accessories to bring elegance to the area.  Decorating in groups of two is a harmonious style combination for a French country foyer.

Decorate Your French Country Entryway in White Distressed Wood

A distressed wood accent table and two distressed wood formal chairs can be placed in a French country themed entryway to emphasize the rustic country elements of your home.  These furnishings can be painted in a soft white or off-white paint or stain color in order to stay consistent with the French theme.  Distressed wood allows the natural grains and knobs of the wood fiber to show through giving the furniture an antique sophistication.  Using a distressed wood table and chairs in the entryway also provides a place for guests to take off their shoes, hang their coat, or simple place their purse or keys.  Distressed wood is an essential ingredient for French country design.

Decorate Your French Country Entryway with European Accents

A French country themed entryway is all about the traditional elements of design in France.  These European accents can be displayed by using architectural elements that are symbolic of France itself.  On your white distressed wood accent table, you could display a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc of Triumph.  In addition, black and white photos of the Louvre or the French countryside could be displayed on the walls.  A French country motif in a home’s entryway should immediately reveal your passion for European design elements.  A French country entryway in your home will add a sense of modern elegance and simple glamour to your interior design. 

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