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How to Clean Bronze

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Bronze can look quite beautiful, elegant and glorious when it is kept clean and sparkling. When it spoils and discolours it can look very unslightly as it turns green. If you wish your bronze to stay beautiful and not look so aged and coloured you need to clean it on a regular basis. This is easy to do, does not take long and you can use products that you probably already have in your home, or do not cost much and are easy to get hold of. There is nothing you can do to prevent the bronze from becoming discoloured so you need to clean it if you want it to look like new.

There are two methods to cleaning bronze. With both methods you need some clean medium thickness cloths that are about a foot square in size, you also need a toothbrush, a bowl or basin of hot or warm clean water with some washing up liquid in it, and some clothes for drying after. It is a good idea to prepare a space to work on such as a flat clear table top and spread newspapers on this so that you can place the bronze objects on to this rather than get the table dirty or wet. It will also help that the newspaper absorbs any mess or moisture and is easier to clean up after. The more intricate the piece of bronze is the more work it will involve. Large pots such as a coffee pot should be quite easy, those that are covered in lacey bits and small detail will need more attention and this is where a toothbrush or hard small brush such as a paintbrush would be necessary.

Before getting down to properly cleaning the objects make sure they have been given a good wash in the soapy warm water. This removes dust, bits, residue and helps to get it ready for the serious clean. Now take a paste that you have made up of lemon juice mixed with baking soda. Make up a small paste of this so that the lemon juice holds the baking soda together into a paste. It must not be too runny or too firm. It has to be pliable enough to apply without being too difficult to stay on. GET IT TO THE CONSTUENCY OF TOOTHPASTE. Now apply this onto the bronzed item, making sure you cover every particle of it and especially if there are holes, lumps and delicate small parts to it. Where necessary rub in with the toothbrush or brush. Now allow this to stay onto the item for at least half an hour, the longer the better, return to the item and wash off.

For those who do not have baking soda or lemon juice or prefer to use a different solution use vinegar mixed with flour and salt in equal proportions so that that is of a toothpaste constituency and use in exactly the same way.

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