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How do i get Stickers off Furniture

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"How do i get Stickers off Furniture"
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It can be tricky to remove stickers from wood furniture. But try some of the following methods and one of them is sure to work.

The biggest problem people run into when trying to peel stickers off wood and similar surfaces is that the sticker either doesn't come off fully or leaves residue from the adhesive.

Try liquid removers from the hardware or craft store.

There are a few products on the market that break down the adhesive of stickers and allow them to be removed without leaving residue. These chemical sticker removers should always be tested on a small out-of-sight spot on the furniture to make sure it won't damage the wood.

Follow the instructions on the bottle and wipe away the sticker and adhesive after letting the liquid remover sit for about 15 minutes or so. Use a soft cloth or paper towel. When wiping off, use some warm water with a new paper towel after removing the liquid and sticker residue.

Scrape off the stickers.

Get a craft knife and carefully slide it under the sticker. You may be able to scrap the sticker off but you'll need to be careful of scratching the surface. Once you scrape most of the sticker off the surface, get a mild cleaner and wipe down the remaining sticker and adhesive. This should remove the sticker and the residue.

Heat them up.

You can get a hair dryer, turn it on low to medium heat, and point it at the sticker. You'll warm the adhesive and make scraping the sticker off a bit easier. With this method be sure that the close heat won't damage the finish or wood of the furniture or melt the sticker into the surface.

Scrub the stickers off.

Take a sponge and dip it in warm water that contains soap that won't damage the wood's finish. Peel off as much of the sticker as you can before beginning. Then take the sponge and rub it. Carefully move it back and forth over the sticker and remaining adhesive. You may also consider using a circular motion while scrubbing the remaining sticker and adhesive off the surface.

Always clean and dry the surface on and around the sticker before trying to remove the sticker for best results.

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