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Home Remedies for getting Rid of Wasps and Yellow Jackets

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"Home Remedies for getting Rid of Wasps and Yellow Jackets"
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Home remedies for getting rid of wasps and yellow jackets include keeping places around your home clean. Choose plants for your garden that do not attack those insects. Checking carefully all places where these flyers might build their nests. Some obvious places are under overhangs and behind gutters but under the hood of a little used car or truck might also be a place where the wasps might build a nest.

Before removing a known nest, spray it liberally with insecticide such as Raid or any other wasp killer. Then when the insects have left, remove the nest by hitting it with a stick or other hard object. They leave or are less aggressive at night. Springtime is the season to really get rid of the insects. You could also install a fake wasp nest as they don't like company near their nests. WD-40 is another home remedy you can use to kill the wasps. Attach a plastic bag around a wasp nest in a tree. Cut the branch down. Leave the nest in the hot sun or throw it in a freezer to kill the wasps inside. For nests underground, pour hot soap down the hole and close up the hole with dirt or a large rock.

Wasps love to follow scents of flowers and food. Removing these will help the problem. Wear little or no perfume as this makes the wasp think you are a flower. The same goes for wearing bright colors. If you look like a flower and smell like a flower, the wasp will think you are a flower even if you are not.

Do not leave meat out because meat sources bring in wasps. They will leave their marks on their food sources so their co-workers will find them. Remove or cover all of these.

Walk away from a wasp that you see. Killing it only invites more to the area. Their bodies leave scents that attract other wasps and yellow jackets.

Wasps and yellow jackets are different types of the same insect. Wasps are not as aggressive as yellow jackets even though they have the potential to sting and cause as much discomfort as the other kind.

Wasps and yellow jackets love fruit trees and shrubs. Bottlebrush, laurels, and apple trees are popular places for these insects to come for food. Wisteria is another plant that draws these insects. Any sweet smelling shrub though can bring them in to your garden.

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