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You can transform any bedroom into a relaxing and inviting place for your guests to stay simply by adding a tray with special items specifically selected for those visiting with you. Most people find it difficult to sleep away from home, and making the effort to add these little luxuries will go a long way towards making your guests feel at home. Here are some suggestions for what to include on your guest tray:

Bottled Water

Add several bottles of water to the guest tray for when your guests get thirsty before bed or in the middle of the night. They will be grateful that they do not have to hunt down a glass in the kitchen or remain thirsty until morning!


If you know your guest well, pick some of his or her favorite snacks to put on the guest tray. They can choose to eat them while they are visiting, or take them along for the trip home. If you do not know what your guest might like, try some type of chocolate, a piece of fruit, and some crackers.


Fresh flowers always add a nice touch to any room, and the guest room is no exception. Even a single bloom can add a splash of color and convey the message that your guest is welcome in your home. Take flowers from your own garden or pick some up at the grocery store.

Reading Material

Many people enjoy reading before heading off to sleep. If your guests are staying for a long period of time, select some books that he or she might enjoy reading; if the visit is just a short one, add a few magazines to the tray for quick and easy nighttime reading.

Alarm Clock

Your guest will appreciate having a clock by the bed even if they do not use the alarm function. Knowing what time it is at night and in the morning will help your guest to feel at home simply because they will know when to get up in the morning and do not have to guess at the time.

Toiletry Items

How many times have you traveled and forgotten some essential toiletry item? Everyone has done this, and having a small basket filled with lotion, shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other items will be a delight to your guests if they have forgotten to bring something.

Hospitality is an art, and anticipating the needs of your guests goes a long way towards making them feel at home. Everyone enjoys a little pampering, and taking care of your guests will set the stage for a lovely visit together!

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