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"Growing Plants in Arizona Arizona Flowers Arizona Planting Season Growing African Daisies"
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African daisies, scientifically known as dimorphotheca, grow best in fertile soil that has proper drainage. The species sinuata grow in all Arizona zones in full sun. You should plant African daisies one to two feet apart in early fall to get beautiful blooms by late winter and early spring.

• Soil Preparation

Create a healthy soil prior to planting African daisies. Mix fertilizer and mulch into your designated bed well, and keep the soil moist until your plants are sturdy and fully established. Then reduce watering to once a week, except during periods of extreme heat. At these times, check your soil often and make sure it doesn’t dry out.

• Plant Facts

  • Height and Width: African daisies grow to be approximately one to two feet high. They spread out broadly until they are eight to ten inches around.

  • Appearance: African daisies have sturdy stems with jagged, dark green leaves. Their blooms have multiple petals that overlap over a button center. Blossoms tend to have many varying shades of orange, yellow, and white.

  • Type: African daisies are perennials that also grow as annuals. They are self seeding and multiply each year easily.

• Growing Tips and Propagation

  • Thin plants regularly so they spread effectively. This also gives the roots more room to grow, allowing them to absorb adequate nutrients from the soil.

  • Water African daisies lightly, just enough to keep the soil from drying out completely.

  • Grow African daisies directly in beds, or in containers. They require full sun. During the Arizona summer months, they might benefit from partial shade.

  • Gather seeds after flower heads have completely dried on the stalk. Separate seeds from other flower debris and plant them the following fall in other beds or containers as desired.

• Uses

  • African daisies have been used to landscape entire front yards in place of grass in the Phoenix area. Seeds are scattered and produce annual flowers from late winter to early spring.

  • Some people enjoy making a low hedge or border with African daisies in Arizona. They plant African daisies in front of taller plants to create a cascade of flowing flowers that accentuate each other’s brilliant color scheme.

  • African daisies grow well in containers on porches and patios. This makes it easier to protect them from Arizona’s scorching summers. It also contributes to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Many people enjoy growing African daisies in their pool areas. The plants don’t shed a lot, making them a good fit, especially if strong winds pick up.

African daisies are fairly low maintenance. Their colors are attractive, though they tend to have a shorter blooming season than other flowers. As natives of Africa, they grow well in the warm climate of Arizona and can be seen blossoming throughout the state from January until late March or early April.

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