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There are many different gardening activities that children can partake in.  What they actually do will depend on their age, of course, but even young children can usually help.  Consider the following ideas.

Plant fruit trees/plants

Your children might love to plant and care for fruit trees or plants, whose fruit they can later pick and eat.  For instance, they can plant some strawberry plants.  You can have them plant them in the ground or in specially made containers.   They can water them and watch them grow.  As the strawberries become bright red, they can pick and eat them.  They can also do this with blueberries.  In addition, they could plant some fruit trees such as an orange tree or a mango tree.  Of course, with all of these different fruit plants, make sure that you have the type of environment and climate that they can thrive in. 

Make a flower garden

A lot of children would love a flower garden. There are many different flowers that they can plant, depending on where exactly you live.  You could go out with your children to the garden.  Make sure that you get them the proper gear such as gardening gloves.  They also sell children’s gardening tool kits that have items such as a little shovel.  They can then dig the holes in the dirt and place the plants in them.  You can get them their own little watering can, which they can then use for the plants, or they can use a hose to water them.  If they are too young to do all of this on their own, then you can help them. 

Make a vegetable garden

Vegetable gardens are very cute for children, and they can also eat the products of their labor.  You can buy different packets of seeds for fairly inexpensive from nurseries or other stores that have such products such as Target.  Your child can dig, place in the seeds and then water the plants.  They can watch them grow.  They can then eat the vegetables when they come.

Even if you do not have a backyard, your child can still do gardening activities.  For instance, you can have the children decorate some flowerpots, which they can then fill with soil and different types of plants that do well indoors.  African violets might work well in a lot of places and flower very prettily.  You can also buy indoor plants and have the kids responsible for watering them.

There are many fun gardening activities for little ones.  The above ideas are some you might want to try. 

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