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Cleaning Brass and Copper without Chemicals

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"Cleaning Brass and Copper without Chemicals"
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So, you are looking for natural ways to clean your brass and copper items? If you don't like the idea of using commercial and potentially harmful products to clean then you will be pleased to find out that many items already in your home can help you tackle those cleaning tasks more naturally and safely!

Technically everything has a chemical composition but some things are safer and more natural than others right? Here are some of my favorite natural ways to clean those brass and copper items in your home without buying commercial cleaning products!

Combining two or three tablespoons of lemon juice with one tablespoon of baking soda will make a paste that is great for polishing both brass and copper! This paste will make your items super shiny and it will breathe new life into them! Simply massage the paste into the groves and surfaces of your item, when finished polishing rinse off the paste and dry your item.

If your items are really tarnished or soiled sometimes it is good to soak them in a vinegar and salt solution before applying the lemon juice/ baking soda paste. Just warm up some vinegar, add a few pinches of salt and let the item soak in the solution. The item will begin to brighten and shine while soaking, once you see the color change you should take it our, rinse it off and apply your polishing paste. Don't forget to rinse the paste from your item when you are done!

If you don't have time to make a lemon baking soda paste try slicing a lemon in half, sprinkle some coarse salt on the sliced part of the lemon and rub the lemon half on the surface needing to be cleaned, use a gentle circular motion to polish and rinse when finished.

A vinegar and salt solution works well for polishing brass items or you can even soak smaller brass items in the solution to save time. Rinse the solution from your brass items and rub a small amount of olive oil into them to prevent future tarnishing.

Brass can also be polished with tomato sauce. Yep that is right, tomato sauce! The acidity found in tomato sauce, lemons, vinegar and salt does the polishing trick for copper an brass items so the next time you have a polishing or cleaning task try using one of the natural cleaning alternatives listed here today, you will be amazed with the results and so will your pocket book!

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