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Vinyl windows are great for preserving energy in sun rooms but they can be a bear to clean without streaks an smudges left behind. With a few simple tricks, you can leave these windows gorgeous in any light.


- No paper products Do not use newspaper of paper towels to wipe anything off of your vinyl windows. Even without chemicals, the paper products will damage your windows beyond repair after only a few uses.

- Chemicals General cleaning solutions, such as Windex and soapy water will only serve as a surface spot remover. You may be able to get that spot off the window, but you will not have be pleased overall with the look of the window in the sunlight if those are the only products you use.

- Generic Vinyl spray tends to carry a poor reputation Unless you have personal experience with a generic product, it should not be trusted. Most will end up leaving smears in the sunlight or vinyl damage. When dealing with this type of window, it's best to go with name brand products that others have tried and loved.

- Hard Work if ever you found a time to put in some elbow grease that paid off it is in your vinyl windows. These gorgeous things can be kept up with the appropriate products and cleaning methods. You will lend quite a bit of work to get them shining, but it will all be worth it when you can enjoy your sunroom without nasty streaks for many years to come.


- Soap and Water Some swear by it, but truth be told, you will likely deal with streaks or that nasty spot that just will not lift from the vinyl.

- WD40 many have said that this will work to remove stains others have claimed that it deteriorates the vinyl before it's life expectancy I think there are many other products to try before you resort to a common home improvement store product. Treat your windows right and you will be a happy person.

- Murphy's Oil Soap great for water spots mix 1 teaspoon Murphy's to 1 gallon water and you are good to go. You will need to touch up with further cleaning, but this will help in removing most of the hard water spots without damage to the window.

- Vinegar and Water hard to clean stains will not budge with just a simple vinegar solution, but mildew and mold will really dissolve with it. Using a 6 to 4 part water to vinegar solution will not only help to kill any mold or mildew on your vinyl windows, but it will also help prevent future damage from mold and mildew under most circumstances. Use it at least 4 times yearly for prevention or as needed for treatment.

- Flitz Metal Polish for hard stains rub in with fingers and rinse as described on container this will help remove stains without leaving a huge mess on the whole window.

- Nu-Vinyl is great for general cleaning purposes take care of hard water spots or loose debris before using Nu-Vinyl.

- Mac Guire's Plastic Cleaner is pure magic for all other problems with vinyl windows Use as directed. Be sure to remove loose spots or stains before applying product to increase effectiveness.

In review, treat spot stains with mild soap and water, Murphy's soap and water, vinegar and water or Flitz Metal Polish before general cleaning. Follow up with a quality product such as Nu-Vinyl or Mac Guire's to keep windows looking clean and in excellent condition. With a little extra car, these vinyl windows can save your money on your energy bills and last a long, long time.

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