Choosing Annuals that Grow in Wet Soil Conditions

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"Choosing Annuals that Grow in Wet Soil Conditions"
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Many annuals that flower can flourish in wet areas, even standing water. With so many gorgeous bedding plants that will grow and flower well in wet places in the garden, you can choose what colors or accents you want to enliven your landscaping with.

Many people get discouraged when they realize that their soil is very wet! But, there are many plants that like wet feet or moist soil all the time! So there for you have many options to choose from.

First, you must decide on the amount of sun your bed/plants will get. This is very important in picking the type of plants sun or shade for your bed!

Next, some of the different annual plants will be listed so you can research them and decide if you would like to include this plant in you bed. Remember to pick a variety of annual plants to set the eye off with different colors and make you hapy every time you look at the bed you completed!
Black-eyed Susan 'Goldilocks
Canna Lily 'Bengal Tiger'
Caladium 'Candidum'
Blue Daisy 'Santa Anita'
Cocoyam 'Jet Black Wonder'
Morning Glory
New Guinea Impatiens 'Tango'
Sulphur Cosmos Ladybird Mix
Sweet Potato 'Blackie'
Here is just a short list of annuals that don't mind having wet conditions to grow in. So don't be afarid of that bed that is always wet. There are so many beautiful flowering and non flowering plants that you can plant in the wet area.

One annual plant that can take growing in standing water conditions is the Canna Lilliy! There are so many different species of Canna lilliy to choose from. Many different colors in the flowers to different colors in the foliage. That makes it a great plant to use with other flowering annuals to be able to produce the wide variety of color in your bed.

One of the most important things for plant growth and overall health is proper drainage. Although there are many plants adapted to growing in wet soil. It is a wise idea to try to improve drainage when you can.

So to wrap up. You can plant annuals in that garden or area with the wet soil. You just have to choose what plants are best suited for your wet conditions and what plants you would like in your garden. The most important part of your garden is to plan properly in the beginning. By selecting the plants properly you can help insure a good healthy plant and beautiful flowers for you to enjoy.

There are many other annual plants that don't flower that grow in wet conditions and will do great in a bed or garden.

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