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Carpet Brand Comparisons Royalty Shaw Mohawk Stainmaster Dupont best Carpet Brands

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"Carpet Brand Comparisons Royalty Shaw Mohawk Stainmaster Dupont best Carpet Brands"
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Comparison of Leading Carpet Brands

When shopping for carpet it is important to choose wisely as this will be the carpet you will sink your toes into for many years. There are many brands available to choose from so it is easy to get lost on which brand offers the best quality for the price. Common brands include DuPont, Stainmaster, Mohawk, Shaw and Royalty. But which brand is best?

To answer this question, a brief clarification is necessary. Put simply, Dupont is a chemical company that makes many different products ranging from Teflon to NASCAR to carpet dyes. Stainmaster is a thread manufacturer that endorses products and provides the yarn. What this means is that Stainmaster and Dupont work together to create both brands of carpets. It is similar to GM creating a variety of brands of cars. It is all in the family. Both Dupont and Stainmaster offer a variety of lower end carpets as well as higher quality carpets. Because they each contribute to the other, separating Dupont and Stainmaster for review is difficult. In fact, some of the other brands benefit from the advances of these two companies.

Today we will look at Mohawk, Shaw and Royalty carpet brands in our review. Key factors to review are price, durability, upkeep, cleaning methods and cleaning equipment. Royalty carpet brand offers high end carpets and uses quality yarns. Shaw and Mohawk brands are tight competitors. The weight, construction, twist in yarn and density of the carpet material is more important in the individual carpet than who makes it.

As far a price goes, expect to pay more with the Royalty brand. Royalty is one of the largest and most experienced carpet manufacturers on the market. Headquartered in California, it is the only carpet manufacturer to be involved entirely in the process of making its own carpet. From the spinning of their own yarn clear through to the finishing touches, they claim to maintain high quality controls. This translates to a higher quality carpet that is well made. It will cost more but you will find higher durability and easier upkeep. Based on this, Royalty carpet is the brand of choice if you can afford it.

Shaw and Mohawk carpets offer a variety of priced carpets. There are the higher end carpets but also some more economical budgets. Depending on which the price range you choose, the durability and upkeep necessary with follow. Sources in the carpet industry maintain that the higher end carpets hold up better regardless of who makes it.

In looking at durability and upkeep, look at how the yarns are twisted and heat set and by the density of the tufts. Rating scales have been developed to aid in carpet selection. Go to the Carpet and Rug Institute for more information and determine how specific carpets in the Shaw and Mohawk brands compare.

Once you choose your brand of carpet, you will want to make sure to clean it correctly. For example, Royalty, Mohawk and Shaw carpets all recommend for deep cleaning using hot water extraction. Some brands recommend contacting the manufacturers for more detailed instructions.
The cleaning solutions and equipment you use on your carpet, regardless of brand, should have the CRI Seal of Approval which is blue and green and should be on the product container. Some carpet cleaning products have been found to actually damage the carpet so the seal is necessary to determine which products have been identified as safe and effective. Make sure your professional cleaners are using CRI Seal of Approval products before letting them clean your carpet. Products with this seal with help keep your Royalty, Shaw or Mohawk carpets in great condition for years to come.

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