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Best new Place to Live in the West Jackson Hole Wy

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"Best new Place to Live in the West Jackson Hole Wy"
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Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the best place to live in the west. For those who worship nature protection is on all sides. Yellow Stone to the north, Grand Teton set right in the middle alongside of which is the National Elk Reserve, then add seven National Forests and the defenses against encroachment are in place.

Unbelievable and untouched vistas abound. Alpine meadows and high altitude desert, roaring rivers and gushing geysers the best that nature has to offer and only seven people per square mile to share it with. That is seven on the land where people are allowed to live, which is only three percent of the "Hole".

Real estate values continue to climb in northwestern Wyoming as they stagnate elsewhere. Land from the Teton Village to Jackson Hole runs around a million an acre. No state income taxes in Wyoming and low property taxes help to offset the hefty price tag. There are still bargain prices available south and west from Jackson Hole but probably not for long.

Ecology is a way of life here. Jackson Hole Resort should be operating on 100% renewable energy by the end of the year. The whole community is aware that the natural beauty is what brings the tourists and why they themselves are there in the first place. This lends to cooperative efforts between business and residence to work hand in hand to achieve sustainable living goals.

Wildlife is abundant with at least sixty species of mammals and over a hundred species of birds. Hunting and fishing to match anywhere in the world. The winter is long and spring moves right into fall with the warmest days in the eighties. Outdoor life in all seasons is supreme.

The largest employers are the Resorts and construction which are both seasonal. The St. John's Medical Center is next. Many of the homebuyers come to retire or escape. The area school systems are rated well. There is a public transportation system which is unheard of in rural communities. It is hoping to reduce the area's carbon emissions. The community is making efforts to make affordable housing available to local workers.

Rafting down the river to do some fly casting for the afternoon is the next best thing to heaven. Hiking through the woods with nothing but elks and eagles in sight is the only way to live. Busting trackless powder on a regular basis and pulling enough G's on the down hills to experience weightlessness in inner space. Choosing between sushi, organic greens and a buffalo burger for lunch is the way life should be lived. Pack the bags, cash out the stocks, send out the resumes and catch a flight now before they quit letting folks into paradise.

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