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Best Flower Garden Plants for Beginners

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"Best Flower Garden Plants for Beginners"
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The best flower garden plants for beginners are the ones that you choose yourself. There are many types of plants on the market and most of them are very easy to grow. Perhaps the biggest decision will be in making the choice of which ones you want. Here are some suggestions that you may want to incorporate into your garden.

Perennial flowers

These flowers have an advantage over the typical plant that you would grow in your garden. Perennials come back every year which limits the amount of planting you will have to do. You will have to choose the height you will need as they come in many different heights, colors and textures. Only you can decide what is right for your flower garden. Daylilies, Shasta’s and calla lilies are just a few of the perennials you can choose from. All plants need some maintenance and it is no less with perennials but choose the ones that do not need to be replaced for a long time to come.

Annual plants

Annual plants include flowers such as pansies, marigold and petunias. These flowers can certainly add to the yearly beautification of your flower garden. Choose from the many colors that are offered to make your garden spectacular. These plants need maintenance and after their growth is finished you can remove them from your garden as they will not make it through the winter anyway.

Small trees and shrubs

Small trees and shrubs can be an asset to any garden. They offer shape, color and texture to any garden along with your perennials and annuals. Low shrubs can be awesome in a flower bed and they take very little maintenance. A few of the shrubs and trees that are offered are Japanese maple, Nanina or azaleas. They can add beauty to your flower bed by providing a contrasting color.


When you are planning a flower garden give some consideration to herbs. Herbs can provide that little extra zest for your garden and make it uniquely yours. You can choose from flowering herbs such as Rosemary and Lavender. Some of these herbs come in a wide variety of shapes and color on their own such as Thyme. They can add beauty to your garden as well as having a purposeful use.

Flower gardens are personal. It is only you that can decide what you want from your garden and what you want to plant in there to make your garden your own. Check with your local gardening center for ideas as well as information on each plant. They are a wealth of information. Plan your garden well in advance especially if you are looking for the best flower garden plants for beginners.

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