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Basic Landscape Maintenance that will keep your Yard looking Good

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"Basic Landscape Maintenance that will keep your Yard looking Good"
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There is basic landscaping maintenance that will keep your yard looking good without too much effort. It will take very little care to make your yard look like a million bucks and give the impression that you really have a green thumb. The following are simple ways to improve the curb appeal of your home.


Keeping your lawn mowed and trimmed is one easy way of showing you care about your landscaping. Some people do mow their lawn often, perhaps sometimes too often where the lawn is cut to short. This gives your lawn the chance to suffer from sunburn or infestation of insects. Mow your lawn at the proper height to give the roots sufficient shade to grow. Mowing is such a simple thing to do but it leaves a very big impact on your landscape.

Shrubs and trees

If you have shrubs and trees on your property keep these trimmed and fallen leaves removed to improve the look of your landscaping. This takes very little effort but adds beauty to your landscaping. Most shrubs need very little care. It is just the matter of keeping them pruned back and shaped nicely then water as your plant indicates which in most cases is very little.


Weeding your lawn and flower beds is another way to improve your landscaping. This is removing all dead leaves from your shrubbery or giving your lawn a treatment of weed killer. Today most people will remove the lawn weeds manually rather than use a chemical to do it but regardless of how it is done this all adds to the look of your landscaping and is not required that often during the growing season.

Add accents

Adding accents to your property can cut down on maintenance in a big way. Add rocks around your flower beds to highlight them or around the base of a tree to define it a little more. Adding paved rocks to your garden cuts down on trimming as well as adding beauty to that area. Rock walls add an awesome look around flower beds while cutting down on maintenance that is required.


Adding fertilizer a few times during a growing season will spruce up the drabbest looking lawn. Depending on what type of climate you live in will determine how much fertilizer and watering it will take to keep your lawn the way you want it to look.  All growing things need the proper amount of nutrition to help it to grow and this is simple to do.

Basic landscaping maintenance that will keep a yard looking good does not mean you have to spend your whole summer tending to your yard. It is fairly simple to keep your landscape looking its best by just giving it a little tender care.

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